Siren Whispers

Siren Song


The Grip of His Knowledge


She was in the grip of his knowledge

From the start

It took her by surprise

This pull he had on her

But it was more…

Unexpectedly she had found herself

With him

Identified blazing need

Heretofore undiscovered

As days became months 

She found herself soaking up what he was teaching

Like a sponge

Never getting enough

He fed her need to please 

To do for him

The careful attention to every detail

To every molecule of her being

His knowledge of her

Helped her to know


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A farewell to the old year

A time of growth and awareness

Joy and loss

The new year beckons

With the promise of new day

The tides turning

Presenting new opportunities

And possibilities

That we should grasp

With both hands

Watercolor art by Lia Melia


Her Sleeping Form


Gazing upon her sleeping form

The honeyed light

Illuminating her perfect skin

He couldn’t help but reach out

To stroke

The long length

Of her back

Setting his hand 

On her hip

Causing her to sigh

And lean into him

Their bodies pressed together

As one

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The Wind of Change


The wind of change

Blew through her life

Sweeping away

Long-held dreams

But she was shown

Something new

Something for her

Something that helps

Her heart speak

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The simplicity and beauty

Of our skin to skin embrace

My head tucked into your shoulder

Your strong arms

Encircling me

Holding me to you

The fit perfect

There is passion

But this embrace

Shows lovers aching to get closer

The embrace tightens

Until they seem

As one

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Magnetic Pull


It was more than curiosity

It was a magnetic pull

Of vast proportions

Such as the moon has

On the tides

It occupied me

Mind, body, soul

And kept bringing me back

To you

Leaving me helpless

To do anything but submit

Let it change me

And take me under

Photo taken from Pinterest


Through Your Eyes


Your words

The ones that make me

Sigh and tremble

Burn and ache

Are also the ones

That helped me to see myself

Through your eyes

Through them I saw

The woman

The goddess

Hidden within

Needing to be freed

From the chains of convention

Needing to be allowed

To embrace

My natural sensuality

The woman finally at home

In her own skin

And loving it

Photo taken from Pinterest


Angel and Devil


Light and dark

Angel and devil

The combination of the two

Increases the desire

A fire

Gathering strength

A lingering hunger

Is what remains

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Thoughts Of You


Floating away

On thoughts of you

Whether you are

Daubing color on an otherwise grey day

Bringing a smile to my face

Or a blush to my cheeks

Making me laugh out loud and long

My thoughts of you

Create a raft of pleasure

That buoys my days

Painting by Michael & Inessa Garmash


In The Garden


She stands in the garden

The inky blackness enveloping her

The air, crisp yet not cold,

Touches her

Caresses her

She feels the wind shift

It surrounds her

And settles on her shoulders

As though he had draped his arm around her.

She thinks of him sleeping

She feels her pulse start to accelerate

That tug in her belly is incessant

He is consuming her thoughts

They run the gamut…

Sweet and tender

Dark, delicious and decadent

Blended seamlessly

Because it’s what they want.

She stands in the garden

And wills her thoughts 

To invade his dreams

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