Siren Whispers

Siren Song


You Are My Want


You are my want

You are my need

You are my desire

You are my salvation

Of sin

A sin I wish

To bathe in

Get lost in

Be consumed by

Until it is part of

Every inch of me

Until it touches

The deepest parts

Of me

Until I am sin


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My Body Is Your Parchment


My body is your parchment

To write upon

A flourish of words

Blinding in their beauty

Perfectly created

And molded to their subject

As a second skin

Tattoo my soul with these words

Using your midnight ink

Making me yours for all time

Your muse

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He Misses Nothing


He misses nothing

In his study of her.

Starting with the dark eyebrows

That frame her blue grey eyes.

His eyes trace

The line of her nose


The minute freckles

That dot the bridge.

To her lips

Imagining their softness.

Down along

The graceful curve of her neck

To the swell of her breasts

That would sweetly fill his hands

And along the rest of

Her curves

Where he sighs in contentment

Proud she is his


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She Is Still And Silent


She can be as still and silent

As the barren trees in winter.

Solitary sentries

Always watching

Waiting for their moment.

She is the same way

She may not always speak

You may not always know what is on her mind

But rest assured she is always thinking

Waiting for the right moment.

She is contemplative

And unless ruffled in some way

She takes her time

She measures her words

Disliking having to retrieve ones

Given in haste.

But while there is an abundance of feeling

Behind her words

She is not the type to use them to wound

But rather

It pleases her most

When her words

Soothe and comfort

Cause laughter and smiles

Make the recipient know their importance

And value.

When she has accomplished those things

She smiles to herself

Still and silent

But happy

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She sets the butterflies free

Hundreds of them

Hidden within her

Butterflies that he has created

That he has caused

She feels like a schoolgirl

The slightest hint of him

A whiff of his presence

Responsible for her secret smile

Responsible for the warmth that starts at her core

And radiates outward

Until she feels him over every inch of her

The thought of him

Causing a sudden frisson of excitement

And thus the creation of the butterflies

She sets them free

She knows that there will always be more

With him

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It seems to come from all sides


She feels powerless against it

The tears that fall

Leave permanent tracks

To show that they have been there

Again and again

She doesn’t understand why

They well up in her eyes

Great big silver drops

That seem to consume her eyelashes

Surreptitiously she wipes them away

But she cannot hide the glassy look that is left behind

A tell tale sign

That there have been tears

She doesn’t want the pain

Who does?

But she feels things so keenly

That it is impossible

To escape unscathed

Feeling her own feelings

And other’s too

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Griffin & Sabine


This quote is from a book that I quite adore. It is called ‘Griffin & Sabine’

I happened upon this quote, was entranced and had to read the book.  

Once I had read the first one I had to possess all three.  

I fell in love with the characters Griffin and Sabine. 


There are three books within the series and each one is, in my opinion, a work of art.

The books are about Griffin and Sabine, who meet quite accidentally through the mail.  

What ensues is a delightful correspondence which deepens the relationship between the two,

despite their physical distance. 

Each book shows the progression of their feelings and actions. 


This is a quote from the second book, ‘Sabine’s Notebook’ and one of my favorites as it enunciates the deepening feelings between the two and draws the reader further into their story. 


Not only are the books visually enticing but the story itself is wonderfully sweet and engaging. If you’ve ever had a long distance relationship this story will remind you of moments shared between lovers when physical touch is not possible.



The books are laid out as correspondence between the two characters.  Postcards, letters…with the pop art aspect allowing the reader to remove the letter and read it themselves. 

I don’t normally write a blog such as this but these are such gorgeous books and so very romantic that I wished to share. 

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I Can’t Help But Think


I can’t help but think

About ropes

About cuffs

About collars

About you

Taking everything I can give

And demanding more

About your control

And how achingly sexy that is

How my thighs clench

And my skin tingles

And the yearning for you

Begins anew

I think about the heat of your skin upon mine

And about knowing your scent, touch and taste

I think about these things

All the time

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They are lovers

They whisper conspiratorially to each other                             

They talk

About anything and everything

Delighting in the smiles and laughs

They share


They are lovers

They touch


Never able to get enough of the closeness

That touch affords

They look into each other’s eyes

So much is said in just a look

Words are not needed


They are lovers

They feel

They love

Not just with their bodies

But with their souls

Every ounce of themselves


With each other

When they are together


During these times

The rest of the world

Falls away

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An Expanse Of Ribbon


An expanse of ribbon

To bind me to you

To your will

For your pleasure

And mine


An expanse of ribbon

The final touch

On a packaged gift

Delight taken

In a slow, sensual unwrapping


An expanse of ribbon

Travelling over curves and soft skin

Following a path to Heaven

And back

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