Siren Whispers

Siren Song


The Eyes Are The Windows To The Soul


Some say that the eyes are the windows to the soul

For some people surely that is true

I know that I cannot hide anything

If you look in my eyes

The truth is always shining within

No matter how much I might like to keep things hidden

It is impossible

My eyes show all I feel

An open book to those I care about

They can become softer and the color can change

The intensity can vary

And, of course, there is that telltale crinkle at the corner

That indicates laughter and smiles are on the rise

My eyes reveal so much

But only if you’re looking…

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This Kiss


This kiss

I dream of it


Among other things.

Sometimes I can actually feel it.

Feel your soft, fuller, lower lip

That I’m eager to bite

To lick.

Feel how your lips would fit perfectly over mine.

The exchange of breath

The tangle of our tongues

As they dance with passion.

I can feel your fingers

Tenderly cupping my cheeks

As you pull me closer

The moment before our lips meet

A delicious anticipation.

I can feel the desire swell between us

As my body melts into yours

And our arms wrap around each other.

A kiss

I never want to end

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Sometimes the thoughts come.  In a rush

I see it clearly. 

The bed, a tangle of sheets and limbs.  Skin striped by the shafts of light finding their way through the slatted shades.

I am on my back and you are before me.  Caressing me.  Pinching me.  Licking me.  Making every sense sing with your attentions.

I am on fire, with you.

I look up at you and see the same fevered arousal in your eyes that I know has softened my own.  I reach out and touch your chest, lazily stroking downward.

Touching you.  Feeling you and how hard you are.  How much you want me.

Your fingers have already discovered just how much I want you.

You flip me over, have me kneeling on the bed.  My breasts are flat against the sheet, my arse is in the air.  My hands are stretched out in front of me.  Clutching.  Beseeching.  My thighs delightfully wide.  For your pleasure

Your thrust takes my breath away.  Your skin against mine as you take your time. Your hands gripping my hips.  Your strokes, blissfully slow. Full.  Measured.

I feel one hand slide upward to palm my breast.  To squeeze my nipple.  The other sliding downward to find my sex.  Probing.  Circling.  Your movements synchronised with your thrusts.

You pull me up, my back against your chest.

My arousal is a delicious torture.  I can feel it building.  Stroke by stroke.

I can’t help but push backward, to take more of you, to feel you closer.

Your thrusts become faster now.  Gaining momentum

I’m lost in the sensations.  Your hands on me.  You inside me, filling me. 

Nothing else matters. 

Just us. And this thrilling, euphoric union. 

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If You Dare



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Summer Is


Summer is

Long days of adventure and exploration

It is salty-tinged mermaid dreams

And firefly nights

It is a sudden sun shower that surprises

And cools

It is picking plump raspberries from the vine

And having more wind up in your mouth

Than in the bowl

Summer is

Laying on a blanket

Surrounded by the verdant green

Of lawn and leaves

Watching swiftly moving clouds take shape


And it is the velvety darkness of a summer night

The moment before slumber takes me

As I lay listening

To the sound of crickets

Performing their nocturnal symphony

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