Siren Whispers

Siren Song

She is Bathing



She is bathing.

He sits along the edge of the tub and breathes in her scent

As it wafts upward with the steam.

His appraising gaze takes all of her in

From the silky dark hair

Piled high atop her head

Tendrils escaping and curling around her face

To her skin

Tinted rosy pink from the hot water.

Her curves are playing hide and seek with the water and foam.

Pale limbs

Silken and soapy

Escaping from the bubbles.

Her pink tipped toes resting along the edge of the tub.

She extends one limb straight up

Pulling water and soap down along its length

Watching him as she does so.

His gaze is riveted.

He reaches his hand out

Running his index finger along her curves




He reaches down to caress and pinch a nipple

Impertinently peeking out of the water.

She leans her head back

And arches into his hands

With a sigh.

Loving the exquisite feeling

His fingers cause

Within her.

He smiles wickedly

Knowing she is liquid fire

In his hands.

As he continues his assault on her nipples

They make eye contact.

There is pleading for more within her look.

He tugs harder

Eliciting a gasp from her lips.

Her body surrenders to her desire for him

Legs falling open

The water caressing her sex

Silky and soft


As though his fingers were touching her.

And then they were

Softly at first

Making delicate, but insistent, circles.

Her whimpers are louder now

As she moves her hips in time to the magic

His fingers are performing.

He can tell how aroused she is.

Her skin is rosy

From the heat

But he knows her signs of arousal

And watches as her blush increases.

She is now only aware of the bliss

He is giving her

Of fingers that are unrelenting

That she knows will wring every ounce of pleasure from her.

He can tell she is close

He thrusts a finger within her

Making her gasp

Water slipping up alongside the tub.

He leans down to kiss her

A second finger joining the first

The movement urging her arousal on and on

His other hand caressing her breasts

Nipples hard and urgent against his hand

As she moans into his mouth.

And just as she is on the cusp of release

He pinches a nipple, hard

Her climax

Intense pleasure

With a whisper of pain.

Photo taken from Pinterest

Author: sirensong1208

I created this blog as a way to express myself using my poetry and photography. It is a reflection of who I am and of the things that interest me. I have many muses…perhaps the greatest one being my love of the sea, how I gravitate to anything relating to water, how I feel a pull toward it deep in my bones. At times I will be revisiting content that I have shared on Twitter which has, until now, been the forum I have expressed myself in. That said, the content will change over time as the blog grows and develops. It is my hope that the reader will enjoy the journey.

27 thoughts on “She is Bathing

  1. Whew….amazing! And this:

    From the silky dark hair

    Piled high atop her head

    Tendrils escaping and curling around her face

    One of the most beautiful hairstyles on a woman, imo. ♡

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  2. Reblogged this on georgeforfun and commented:
    Simply 🔥🔥💓💓🔥 indeed
    .the visions jumping from your words straight into my mind’s eye
    Well done, where’s a Snowman ⛄ ⛄ ⛄ when you need him? 💞

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Whew! I need more bath time😉

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  4. Steamy… 💕

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  5. It’s getting hot in here🔥🔥🔥❤️

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