Siren Whispers

Siren Song




She is not thin

She has curves.

She’s a woman

Not a girl.

Her body carved

By genes, time and effort.

She’s soft but strong.

Her shape

Ripe and succulent

A tempting feast

For his discerning palate.

Her curves delight him

Soft skin adorning every breathtaking inch.

A perfect erotic vision.

A snapshot for his memories.

Her body sensuously shaped

From her elegant shoulders

And sweet breasts

To the bend of her waist

As it seductively melds into her hips

Of her belly and hipbones

Constructing a delicious place to grip her

And hold her against him.

The light plays beautifully upon her skin

Creating shadows that entice fingers to explore

Hills to traverse

Valleys to get lost in.

Enjoying his journey


Every enchanting inch.

Photograph taken from WhiteNoten

*I sincerely hope that my use of this photograph did not offend anyone.

When I found it all I could think is that it was incredibly beautiful.

Glorious womanhood.




Autumn has arrived

Her cool kiss

Stroking leaves

And whispering through limbs

It’s the creak of the windows

Wind pushing at the panes

And the inevitable thrill that goes through me

At the thought

Of a storm

It’s a day for sweaters and over the knee socks

Of soft throws and getting lost in books

Of watching the light change across the sky

And of losing myself in my reveries

Photograph taken from WhiteNoten


You Make Me Dream..


You make me dream..

Of morning’s sweet start

The gentle caress of words

As a kiss to wake me to my day


You make me dream..

Of winter days

Of snow

And snowdrifts

Of bright eyes and pink cheeks

And of snow queens pirouetting

For your pleasure


You make me dream..

Of the blossoming

In spring

The unfurling

The uncovering

Of beauty

As it basks

In your sun and attention


You make me dream..

Of the lazy days of summer

Of the intimacy of skin

The kiss of the sun

And the siren song of sea and sky


You make me dream..

Of evening’s embrace

The intimacy of a kiss

Between lovers

Ushering in the soft velvet

Of the night

And dreams

To share


You make me dream..

Of you

Of me

And of the possibility

Of now

Photograph taken from WhiteNoten


He Loves Her Back


There is something about her back

Every time he sees it

He finds something new to adore

A freckle

A birthmark never seen

The way the skin and muscle move together

As though dancing

A perfect synchronicity

The way the light falls upon her naked skin

How it looks in motion

How it looks at rest

He knows it’s incredibly soft

Satiny and silky

Her scent

Soft and graceful

Is a natural expression of her

She inhabits it

Not the other way around

He likes to take his time

And enjoy her

To run his finger along the curve of her spine

Followed closely by his lips

Planting nibbling kisses

From her shoulders

Until he reaches the perfect curve of her arse

He loves her back

Especially when she is flat upon it

And he is above her

Photograph taken from Pinterest


Tangled First Kisses


The moment of no return

It’s in those tangled first kisses

Tongues and breaths


A mindless fever taking over

Fingers tracing trajectories



And everywhere

Bodies pressed together

Melding into one

Desire at full throttle

As we get lost in each other

Mapping the aftermath

When the smoke has cleared

And breath and pulse

Have returned

Photograph taken from Pinterest


Elegant Wrapping






She drapes her curves simply

Innocent yet wanton

Knowing what to show

And what not

Creating a hunger within him

To peel away

To discover

The secrets that lay

Beneath her elegant wrapping

Urging him on

With her shy seduction

To open her gift

To accept her offering

Photograph taken from WhiteNoten


Our Darkest Desires


It is in the inky darkness

Velvety soft and sensuous

That we give in

That we allow ourselves this freedom

This pleasure

Words that have caressed us

Through the day

That have fired our imaginings

That have made our pulses race

They feed our darkest desires

We lie


Tangled in sheets

Naked skin burning

The throb and ache of arousal


Hands and fingers

Proxy for the other

As dreams become real

In the silence of the night

I feel you

And your need overtakes me

Photograph taken from Pinterest