Siren Whispers

Siren Song


The frowning night


The frowning night

Aches with loneliness.

My arms are empty

But my mind is full.

My voice

In the dark

Is quiet, hushed.

In silent veneration.

I picture your face

I hear your voice

I feel you 

In my soul.


And only then

When I feel you

In me

Do I whisper your name

And find the brightest star in the sky

And call it yours.

Artwork taken from Pinterest



One of my first blog posts. Initially it was a very short poem but I have fleshed it out a bit. Thank you for humouring my whimsy.

Siren Whispers


He sees it through new eyes.

Her eyes.

His path

Once well trodden

And comfortable

Has gained new light

New interest.

 With her

His journey has become exciting again.

For in the mellifluous midnight

Of her soul

He has found a foil

For his own darkness

Photograph taken from Tumblr

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I feel you


I feel you.

Just out of reach.

I close my eyes to focus

And you are here with me.

A tingle of awareness and a sharp quiver

Runs along my spine and lodges within my core.

Arousing me


Do you know? Can you tell?

Do you feel that catch in my breath…

As I think of you

My nipples hardening as I think of your touch

Of your breath upon them a moment before your lips

Before your tongue

Tastes them.

Never have they known such blissful awakening.

Does your breath catch as you think of touching me that way..

Does the line of your trousers change?

Does it tighten, imperceptibly

Noticeable to no one

But you?

Do you close your own eyes

Thinking of me

Smiling wickedly

As you play that film reel in your head




Layer after layer stripped away

Leaving me bare to your hungry gaze.

Knowing my gaze

Upon you

Was just as ravenous…


Photograph taken by sirensong1208


The cliffs

IMG_5843  IMG_2074

Ireland, 2014

She walked the cliffs

High above the sea.

The path covered in the verdant green of summer

Dotted with gorse and heather

Ancient stones alluding to another life

Another world.

She inhaled the salty air

Letting it fill her lungs

And let the sound of waves against rock

Fill her ears.

The smells and sounds

Affecting her like no other.

She sat and surveyed the infinite expanse of blue-green in front of her

Watching as the white tipped waves raced toward the shore.

He was in her mind as she sat there

At what felt like the top of the world

Feet dangling over the side

Silent in all but thought

Watching the surf dance and froth.

She wished he was there

To join her in this quiet veneration

Of the sea.

She longed to sit close to him

Thigh to thigh

Her head upon his shoulder

His arm pulling her close

Into his side.

Absorbing the light, the sounds, the smells


For with this kinship that they feel

With the sea

Words are not needed

When souls speak.

Photographs taken by sirensong1208

**This is meant to be a companion piece to my most recently re blogged “I will see you”…

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I will see you

This is not a new post but one of the first that I blogged in October although written during the previous summer. I hope the reader enjoys its second outing…

Siren Whispers


I will see you

In every blue sky above me

And as I hike the rocky hillsides

Scattered with gorse

I will see you

As I look upon the mighty Atlantic

And as I photograph breathtaking architecture

I will feel you

In the soft, quiet of my evening

And as I slip into dreams of you

I will miss you.

Photograph by sirensong1208

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Ashes to ashes

Simple and yet quite delicious…
Read more from this talented poet..



your darkest sins

before me


before me




hand over


It’s not only

your gluttonous



flesh and blood

I’m after


my gorgeous

dark winged


It’s your bare soul

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I am not made of stone


I am not made of stone.

I have been told

That I wear my heart upon my sleeve

That my writing tells all.

While my writing is imbued with

My thoughts, my feelings, my desires

I write only what I want known.

I am a world of private thoughts and feelings

Pain and joy

Mine to share

If I desire.

You will not find me crying publicly

But that does not mean I don’t hurt

It does not mean that the tears I shed

Don’t run hot down my face

When I am alone.

I am not made of stone

I get confused and frustrated

I have feelings

I have pride

I can be hurt by unkindness

By insensitivity

Especially when it’s unwarranted

Though you’ll never know how much.

 No, I am not made of stone

I am made

Of heart

And soul

Photograph taken from WhiteNoten


This Autumn afternoon

IMG_7582 IMG_7575



An angsty sort of Autumn day

Lashings of rain

Pummeling the earth

Causing the fiery leaves to halt their dance

And fall


To the ground

And yet

Even without the sun shining

There is something about this Autumn afternoon

That begets beauty

The colors are muted

Rather than fiery

As though prior to hibernating for the winter

The trees bedeck themselves in somber clothes

Earth tones

Subtle golds and browns 

A hesitant orange amid fading foliage

The gatekeepers to jubilance

Wagging their fingers 

At the still fiery Burning Bush

Who wishes to party

Till the end

Photographs taken by sirensong1208


Consider this


Consider this

Behind her shy smile and shining eyes…

Is a world of private, intense thoughts

Of fantasies she dares not voice

Of pain and disappointment

She has tamped down

Until there is only a whisper

Of disquiet

…Is a world you can only guess at

Unless she lets you in

And if she lets you in

You just might find…

The thoughts she has allowed to bloom and flower

That she has nurtured with a faithful heart

And deep desire running through her veins

Thick as blood

It is a world of sensuous, decadent thoughts

Of complete surrender

In mind, body and soul

Thoughts that center completely

Upon you

Photograph taken from PerfectlyPersuasive


The Sea is a Chameleon

This was my very first post on Word Press, a year ago. I think it embodies so much of what I write, what I feel. The sea in all its forms that speaks to me, that touches me deeply.

Siren Whispers


The sea is a chameleon

There are many colors

Blues in varying shades

Greens that compliment the blues

Some have rocky shores

While others are composed of

Endless sand dunes

But consistently the sea

Is ebb and flow

It is strength and power

It is smells and sounds

It is danger and comfort

It is the sea

And it is in my soul…

Photo by sirensong1208

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