Siren Whispers

Siren Song


She is..revisited



She is

Black silk encased legs

The lace tops exquisite

Against her pale thighs


She is

5 inch heels

That cup and caress her feet

Making her legs longer


She is

Scarlet lips

Utterly kissable

Looking completely bruised

From your lips


She is

Stormy eyes

Softened with desire


She is

Dark waves and curls


Over naked shoulders


She is


Yet still innocent

Underneath her smolder


She is

A black leather collar

Around her slender neck


She is


Photograph taken from Pinterest

**This is a reposting of something I blogged during the summer. I beg your indulgence with this re blog. I always liked this one but I have added audio this time


Crimson kisses


Red lipstick and lingerie.

He is seated.


Watching her.

Her eyes are upon him.

Watching him.

He inclines his head

She knows to start.

She crawls across the room

On her hands and knees

Head up

Eyes locked with his.

White lace cups her breasts

The material shifting, moving, revealing

As she crawls closer to him

Her arse in the air

Pale skin exposed by her minuscule thong.

She kneels in front of him

Hands upon her thighs

Palms up.

She is waiting.

He looks at her appreciatively

Dark hair curling loosely around her shoulders.

White lace demi cup bra

The swell of her breasts creating a delicious distraction.

Blue grey eyes smouldering with desire

And the crimson curve of her sensual lips.

He nods his assent and she begins.

She leans toward him, unbuttoning his dress shirt.

Button after button carefully undone.

When she is finished she spreads his shirt wide

Exposing his chest to her gaze.

Both hands touch him, caress him.

She leans down and kisses the hollow of his neck

Her start.

She places a trail of kisses down his chest.

Licking and kissing

Kissing and licking

Working her way down to his belly

And beyond

Marking him

With her crimson kisses.

Photograph taken from Pinterest





Sold my soul

FullSizeRender (1)

I would have sold my soul

For his touch.

To know the press of his skin

To mine.

To feel his lips burning a path

Along my neck

To my trembling mouth.

The shivers he creates

Across the miles

Perpetuates this ache

And the fervour of my desire

Leaves me barely standing

Awash in this craving

For him


Photograph taken from WhiteNoten



A Poet’s words

FullSizeRender (1)

Like water flows over rocks

Such is the way a Poet’s words

Pour over his Muse

Slowly and sensuously

Covering her in his prose

Making her come alive

Beyond his senses


Artwork “Rites of Summer” by Hamish Blakely


Across your lap


To crawl across your lap

To offer myself to your hand

To your need.

How natural to do so

To want it so.

An aching need within

The thought making me hunger for it

For you.

Making me wet.

This yearning I have

Never understood before.

A desire to feel your palm to my bare flesh

Your caress to prepare

To set the tone.

The sound of your hand

The crack of palm

The strike to virgin flesh.

The count

Clearly spoken at first

A struggle to continue as the number increases.

The discomfort

The pain

The pleasure

The arousal.

Marks and colour as proof

Upon my pale skin.

The pride as I melt into you

Your good girl.

Photograph taken from Pinterest


Many colours

FullSizeRender (1)

I am many colours

Blended on your palette

You choose which ones you stroke the canvas with

Whether good girl

Or bad


Or bold


Or dirty

I am all colours

To you

Photograph taken from Pinterest



FullSizeRender (1)

Teasing you with my words

As you do me.

Words that are sweet, sensuous, silky, sinful

Sometimes dark, decadent, deviant, delicious.

Poetic verse I use in place of

My fingers, my mouth, my body.

Words instead

Of touches

Of kisses

Of the heaven of skin on skin.

To make you feel me.

To incite your desire

As you do mine.

Words that curl around you

Like a wisp of smoke

Like a vine.

Insinuating themselves

Deep inside

Where they resonate.

A perfect fit.

Revealing what I’ve always known.

I was made 

Just for you.

Photograph taken by Carlos Williams


A wild thrumming


You inspire deep desire within me

My hunger for you


This ache vibrating

Across every inch of me

Humming audibly

A wild thrumming in my veins





Photograph taken from SocialSurvival


Purposeful intent



Sins of the night

Come in the shape of your smile

The wicked glint in your eyes

The delicious rasp of your voice

As it strokes me

With desire



The purposeful intent

Of my own hands

In response to your sins

Against me…

Photograph taken from Tumblr


Calm before the storm

FullSizeRender (1)

You feel it

The charge in the air

Imperceptible to anyone but you

The light caress across your skin

That brings shivers to your spine

The calm before the storm.

That anticipation

For what you know is to come

For what you’ve waited for

What you’ve wanted

So you wait…

And watch the storm approach

The closer it gets

The greater the excitement

Almost too much to bear

Savouring the thought

Of being lost

Of being swept up

Of being carried away

…with you….

Artwork “Ocean Breeze 17” by Victor Bauer