Siren Whispers

Siren Song




And like a wave born of a swell

Another year is upon us

Racing in to the shore

Pulling the remnants of the previous year away

To memory

We bid farewell to the old year

A time of growth and awareness

Joy and loss

A new year beckons

With the promises a new day brings

The tides turning

Presenting new opportunities

And possibilities

That we should grasp 

With both hands

Before they slip away

With the tides…



Watercolour art by Lia Melia


*May I extend my best wishes for a happy and healthy 2016 to all of you who find the time to read my words, who are generous with support and comments, who I am privileged to call friends. Happy New Year!



His voice


His voice.

I could listen to it


Every word

Every syllable

As sweet as honey


Upon the tongue.

As sensuous as silk

Sleekly draping and caressing

My curves.

A seductive whisper

That immerses me


And devastatingly

In his essence.



Photograph taken from Pinterest




The taste of your lips

The honeyed tincture

I crave

With a fierce hunger.

Your essence

A delight to my senses.

Every synapse

Ignited and firing

Until all I can utter

Is ‘More’.



Photograph taken from Pinterest




Scarlet cheeks


The thought of scarlet cheeks

Makes me burn


Though intensely.

Quivering within

At the thought.

Always a tremble away

From complete surrender.

My skin

Dancing in anticipation

As my body is reduced to liquid fire.


And wild with hunger

For your hand

Upon my skin.

I ache

With need

With want.

To know

The sting

Of your discipline

Of your control.

To sate your need

As my own

Is fed.



Photograph taken from Pinterest


She hides behind her smile


She hides behind her smile.

Darkness descends upon her

Like a thick blanket of fog

Faith smothered within its folds.

Tears stream down her cheeks.

Becoming cold


She withdraws

Pulling herself in



Wanting to disappear.

To be unknown

To not know.

To feel




Photograph taken from Pinterest





Desire for you

Sliding up the backs of my thighs

Like your questing fingers.

Searching for the ache you know I have

Beyond the hard, urgent nipples

Straining against clothes

Yearning for your fingers.

Beyond the flush of arousal

Blooming along chest and cheeks.

Past the sidelong glance

To see if anyone has noticed

My secret smile

The quickening of my breath

The crossing and uncrossing of my legs

As I imagine all the delicious ways

You would simultaneously

Sate my hunger

And yet stoke the fires anew.

Desire for you

Bringing out the wanton in me

As the tip of my tongue

Glides across my lips

As I imagine

Your kiss, your touch, your taste

And lose myself again

In fervently lustful thoughts

Of you



Photograph taken from Pinterest

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Some beautiful words to start the day…please visit the original as well as some of this poetess’ other lovely words.

Midwest Fantasy Writes

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I return to the page

soft pencil curving letters

into emotions

falling onto

snowflake white paper

heart connecting to hand

with seraphic power

my need released

in words

as I sink into

the comfort of home

blanketed warmly

by poetry’s breath



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A Christmas Eve instruction

IMG_1944 7


Audio here

Christmas Eve mass

A time for reflection

But for her

She was thinking of anything but

The birth of the baby Jesus

She felt naughty

And alive

For she had been given instruction

Her eyes danced with mischief

Her secret

And his

She knew he must have smiled

As he typed the words

Wondering at her reaction

Feeling a delicious tug

At the thought of her

Doing as he had directed


Up went her skirt

Past the lace top thigh highs

Dark against her pale thighs

She tugged her black lace knickers down

Off they came and down went the skirt

Smoothed along her thighs

Enjoying the feel of her naked skin and sex

Against the skirt

It was a first for her

And she found it a most delicious practice

Every time she crossed her legs

Every time she moved

She was aware of her bareness

She thought of him each time

Knew he would be pleased

And this aroused her

As pleasing him always did

Going to church would never be the same…

*This is a repost from last Christmas. At the time it caused a bit of a stir. I thought I would repost with audio to share with new readers. I beg your indulgence.



Traitorous smile


She tries to remain aloof


But her creeping smile

Is traitorous

Her eyes

Fierce and determined

Not giving an inch

But the corners of her mouth

Rebelliously lift

Her response

His win


Photograph taken from Tumblr


The Christmas season



The Christmas season

Perhaps my most favourite time of year

It’s not just one thing that delights me but so very many things that put a smile on my face

It’s the season of soft twinkling white lights and hanging decorations on the tree

It’s decorating your tree with ornaments that you’ve collected over the years from the many places you’ve visited

Each one having it’s own story

It’s traditions eagerly looked forward to experiencing again

Making more memories

It is gifts chosen with care and lovingly wrapped and placed under the Christmas tree

It is Christmas carols sung at mass with loud voices and open hearts

It is waking up to a white Christmas (we can hope!)

It is a season of hand written Christmas cards

And e-cards sent to far flung locales

Renewing connections

Spreading warmth and joy

Giving special touches to those

We cannot touch physically

This time of year has always been a special time for me

Perhaps it is because I am a December baby

My birthday a holy day

The Immaculate Conception of Mary

The month and then the day presenting my parents with the perfect first and middle names for me

Things always seemed brighter, purer at this time of year

The season, despite rampant commercialism, still touches me

Lightens my heart with joy

Renews my faith

Makes me believe in the impossible

Makes me hope

For the future


*Many sincere wishes for the merriest of holidays to all of you and my profound thanks to those that read and comment upon whatever whimsy I release onto the pages of this blog. Thank you and Merry Christmas!

Photographs taken by sirensong1208