Siren Whispers

Siren Song


Each tantalising word


She read each tantalising word


Savouring the taste

Upon her tongue


With some undefined excitement

Giving herself up to the fantasy

He described

One that made her catch her breath

And left her trembling

With desire



Photograph taken from Tumblr


Perfection of early morning…


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She is drawn to the window

Pulling the sheet from the bed

She wraps it around herself

She kneels, entranced

By the snow

By the pale, pure light

Of the morning

She breathes deeply

Enjoying the view

Enjoying the silence

Enjoying the perfection of the early morning

The beauty of the day

And from his position on the bed

He was enjoying the beauty

Of her



*This is another piece written last year. The snow in winter brings many memories for me and moments like this that I imagine. I do so love the early morning and its stillness and the incredible winter light and how that plays upon the skin. I’ve added audio, perhaps, to justify the re blogging.


Artwork by Zhaoiming Wu




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A curvaceous hip

Nipples hard and urgent

Pale skin that catches the light

A raised, bare bottom

Aching to be touched

Or reddened

Naked limbs

That should be wrapped

Around you

And the long, dark hair

That she would love

To drag




Of you

Her gift

To you

Your goddess



*This was written last year but I’ve decided to give it it a new viewing, this time with audio.


Photograph taken from Pinterest


“This excites you”


He said, “this excites you.”

Never a question.

Always a firm, confident statement.

He knew what made her burn.

From every word he used

to the tone of his voice

he knew what made her surrender herself


to him.

He was a master

at how to turn up the heat.

Making her hunger for him

with a ferocity

she could not control

nor did she want to…



Photograph taken from Pinterest








The precarious balance when we make choices.

When you know

deep within

something you can’t explain

you just know…

A faith born of intuition

of instinct

puts you on a course of joy or sorrow

unknown to you.

That is when you take a chance

on what you feel

on what might actually be true.

You roll that dice.

You cash in your chips.

You go

all in.

Risk it all. 

For what you know

deep down to your soul

is worth the risk.



Photograph taken from The Unintended Muse


The night is woven


The night is woven with stars

Inky darkness warmed with

A million strands of you

A million thoughts

A million memories

A million desires

Entwined in an embrace

As sleep descends

And I take you with me

Until dawn



Photograph taken from Google Images



Infinite Consummation (Duet)

It was an honour to be asked to share the page with Dana (Love Letters Lost At Sea). I’ve always been a fan of Dana’s work, often finding myself in her words. Our mutual affinity for the sea and how it inspires us creating a special bond. If you are not already following you really must visit her blog, Love Letters Lost At Sea, and be drawn down into her depths to lose yourself exquisitely in her sensuous prose.


Girl with the ocean in her soul…


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When the fog is dispersed

And distractions are removed

She is still there

His silent passenger

Hidden under his skin

Nestled within him

She is the girl

With the ocean in her soul

The one whose heart races

Upon nearness to water

A mermaid

A naiad

A sea siren

Her affinity with him

As much as hers with the water

Souls tied to the waves

And no matter

Stormy or calm seas

She is always

A part of him


*Another reblog from last year because some things will always resonate and I was feeling this keenly today. I hope that the reader enjoys.


Double exposure print by Antonio Mora


He studies her


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He studies her

Every single inch.


And memorizing

Her skin.

Imagining its softness

Its scent

Its taste.

Her curves

That he dreams of following

With his hands and mouth

Her hair

A dark storm of waves and curls

Long enough to wind around his hand

And pull her close.

Her smile

That seems to sparkle

Just for him

Lighting up the room

And bringing warmth to his day

And her eyes

The blue-grey

Of a stormy sea.

A sea he is eager to get lost in 

He studies her

His dark haired angel


*Another reblog from last year with added audio simply because I like it.


Photograph taken from Pinterest


Part of her


She tries to explain its significance

what it means to her

how it fulfills her

how it feeds her soul

in a way that nothing else ever has

But the words fall on deaf ears

as though she is speaking a foreign language

So she writes in secret

at times

Words are always on her mind

when she’s not writing

she’s thinking of writing


to the exclusion of all else

At times she cannot get the words on the page fast enough

before they drift away

a whisper

a sigh

floating out of reach

gone forever

a haunting refrain

When she writes

she feels

sometimes she cries

sometimes she laughs

mostly she smiles

feeling a joy bubbling up from within

For every line

is hers

and no others

part of her

part of who she is

Her picture

boldly found

between the lines



Photograph taken from Pinterest