Siren Whispers

Siren Song


Nocturnal dance


The darkest hour

infused with light

When velvet night

caresses us

with midnight secrets

and whispered confessions

We become locked in an embrace

Desperate to stay the dawn

Losing ourselves in each other

and our passionate

nocturnal dance



Photograph taken from Pinterest


Turning point


It was a moment

a turning point

coming when needed

when I didn’t know I needed it

It was understanding

and acceptance

and a gentle caress to a soul

laid bare to criticism

It was a view of myself I was reluctant to embrace

filling a space I never knew I had

but one that had left me hungry

for too many years

with too many questions I dared not ask

and a dawning awareness of who I was


as well as the power I held

if I would only grasp it

And now that I have it

I’ll never let it go



Photograph taken from WhiteNoten





There can be such devastation in love.

We give ourselves up to the romance

the passion

the absolute knowing of another.

We gladly sink into the essence of the other person.

Often we give all of ourselves

as a way of aligning with the one we love.

We want them to know us

to accept us.

Unconditional love

such a precious thing.

We don’t realize how much we desperately want to be seen

to be known

to be accepted

and yes, loved

for who we are

not for who they think we should be.

We can be denied this for years

never realising what was missing

until one day we are shown.

Our eyes are opened

our souls are touched

we are released from the chains

we’ve been bound in.

We realize just how hungry we are to have it

how it consumes every single, solitary inch of us

until we are dying of thirst

amidst a pool of water.



Watercolour “Wine Tasting” by Anna Dart 



Memories bloom


The view fades from her eyes

but the memories bloom

unencumbered by lack of sight

Lush and vivid

each time she remembers

it’s like seeing it 

for the first time

as they warm her soul

with beauty and joy



Photograph taken from Pinterest


No resistance


Long before they met

she sensed him

Pursuing her

in her dreams

A negotiated presence

within her subconscious

Her soul

recognising him

at once

Her fragile barriers

presenting no resistance

to his claim



Photograph taken from Pinterest



Do you imagine…


Do you imagine


kneeling at your feet


standing tall before me

Your trousers

a long



I itch to touch

and when I do

when I curl my fingers around

the tops of your thighs

I feel muscle

I feel your strength

I feel how much you want me


Do you imagine

looking down at me



Watching the tilt of my dark head

as I peer up at you

under sooty lashes

our eyes locking

Your wants

my desires

My shy smile

as I run the tip of my tongue

across my lips


your taste


my utter delight

in you



Photograph taken from Pinterest



Taste of eagerness


Your hunger for me


by that taste of eagerness

upon my lips

as I dissolved into you

my body pressed to yours

and we became closer than skin

the whispering moment

as day surrendered to night

and you conquered every inch of me

marking me

claiming me

as yours



Photograph taken from Pinterest


The echo of his presence…


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He haunts her

Day and night

During the day her thoughts are consumed with him

Nestled under her skin as he is

Innocent thoughts

Mixed with impure ones

Whispers from him

Memories that make her smile

And blush

But it is at night that his presence becomes pronounced

She feels him

From the whorls on his fingertips

As they make contact with her naked skin

To the breath at her ear

As his body is pressed closed

Her senses remain alive with the taste

The feel

And the scent of him

Reminders that come suddenly

And without warning

Her dreams are a jumble

Of tender words and entwined limbs

Her flesh singed

By his mouth and hands

No part of her unexplored

She wakes in a tangle of sheets and intense arousal

The echo of his presence

Fading slowly

With the dawn


Another repost from last year. Some presences are indelible, inked upon our souls…


Photograph taken from Pinterest


I am your anchor…


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I am your anchor

In rough seas

I am the calming words and embrace

Which soothe you after a nightmare

I am the sunshine that warms you

On the dark and cold days

That chill you to the bone

I am the words

That you bleed out onto the paper

A vision ensconced in your thoughts

I am the dancer

That delights and excites you

In your dreams

Which linger into the morning

I am the fingers, lips and tongue

Which make a study of you

And map you

For my pleasure

I am the arms

Which hold you close

And the lips that fit to yours


I am the body

That aches for your touch

I am friend, muse, lover

I am all things

To you


A repost from last year simply because it was special to me and I’ve now added audio.


Photograph taken from Pinterest


A finger’s trail


The words you paint me with

a finger’s trail

down my spine

Eliciting such shivers

of delight

Thinking of you writing them

Thinking of me

Imagining me

In all the ways you want me

and feeling the burn 

of your white hot thoughts

as though you were in the same room

Your desires

played out

in real time


*This was originally posted on Twitter at the end of last month. I liked it so much I decided to post here. I hope the reader enjoys


Photograph taken from Tumblr