Siren Whispers

Siren Song


Craving passion’s brutality


A lust born of two fires

desire that rages within mind, body and soul

take me to that point of no return

craving passion’s brutality

as every word

every touch

from you

leaves me on the edge

teetering on the abyss

confident that you will catch me as I fall

your arms

my waiting haven

my ultimate destruction

and that

which I yearn for




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I have always been one to feel strongly, keenly.

A sensitive, tender soul

who loves with great depth.

But to burn…

well, that was new to me.

To know a desire that I cannot even put into words.

My body not my own

as it reacts to him in a way I still cannot fathom.

Leading me to consider

that I was made just for him.

It is a burn

a need

that fills up every single inch of me

with a yearning that I cannot tamp down.

That a momentary lapse of control

propels me

headlong into thoughts of him

and then I am lost in the wanting.

Adrift on a sea of desire

with no hope of rescue.

My only salvation

my only comfort

is knowing that he burns as well.

Long and hard.

Thinking of me…



Photograph taken from Tumblr




She is a woman.

She is a girl.

She is elegant soft curves

with shaded depth.

A myriad of mystery laden layers.

Her enigmatic smile

only hinting at the thoughts

bubbling within.

Her delicate luminosity

captivating his attention

speaking to his soul.

The desire to touch her light

her grace

unleashing a hunger within him.

Knowing that underneath her innocence

pulses a desire

a yearning

to match his own.



Artwork by Edward B. Gordon




She is bathed in the warm light found at eventide.

A comforting quietude surrounding her

as twilight is filled with the subtle cadence

and gentle rhythm

of a day bidding adieu.

The sun sinks low on the horizon

a fiery ball amid glorious mauve and pink ribbons

making way for a velvet dark

filled with nightsong

that enchants her and fills her with dreams

of what was

and of what could be.



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What is faith?  How does it manifest itself?

I have faith.  I’ve always had it.  I don’t know why, I just do.  Is faith tied to religion?  Or do faith and religion just gently touch, one able to exist without the other?

I was raised with religion, though our home could not be called strict or devout.  Religion was just a part of our life: Sunday mass, Catholic school, and a guiding principle to good behaviour and lessons learned. 

My mind is scientific enough to have questioned divinity and creation, to have prompted me to seek answers not initially forthcoming in my education.  But though I have questioned organised religion, and the answers that I have found disputing unequivocal obeisance are logical and rational, it does not mean that my faith is null and void.

For me, faith and religion are not the same.  Faith is an intangible thing while religion is ritual.  It is structure.  Faith is different, it is not bound by rules.  They are dissimilar,  but within the confines of religion my faith soars.  I derive a certain pleasure from the ritual.  As I gaze upon the perfection of stained glass above an altar, hymns and chants ringing out within the hallowed walls, I allow myself to be immersed in the holiness of the moment.  I give myself up to the rites,  to ceremony.  

Times fraught with emotional or physical pain are when my faith manifests itself the most.  Faith fills up the dark hole of confusion and despair with a light that holds me within it.  Healing me, encouraging my strength.  I never expect complete answers nor do I expect things to be wrapped up neatly, all disagreeable feelings disposed of as though they never happened.  My faith is strength within, helping me to continue with whatever journey I am on.  It helps me to hold on until I recognise the answers that, perhaps, have been in front of me all along.  I pull my faith about me as a blanket.  Cocooning myself in security, in safety, helping me to have strength in my convictions for another day..


*And on this holy day I celebrate my religion, Spring’s rebirth, hope and new beginnings. I wish you all a Happy Easter and a blessed year to come…C


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Griffin & Sabine

This is a reposting from last year. The written word is my passion and these books in particular I find entrancing. I adore them and wanted to, once again, share them.

Siren Whispers


This quote is from a book that I quite adore. It is called ‘Griffin & Sabine’

I happened upon this quote, was entranced and had to read the book.  

Once I had read the first one I had to possess all three.  

I fell in love with the characters Griffin and Sabine. 


There are three books within the series and each one is, in my opinion, a work of art.

The books are about Griffin and Sabine, who meet quite accidentally through the mail.  

What ensues is a delightful correspondence which deepens the relationship between the two,

despite their physical distance. 

Each book shows the progression of their feelings and actions. 


This is a quote from the second book, ‘Sabine’s Notebook’ and one of my favorites as it enunciates the deepening feelings between the two and draws the reader further into their story. 


Not only are the books…

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Escape can be temporary.

Like a holiday

or losing oneself

in the pages of a good book.

I wanted to escape with you.

In my mind.

In my soul.

Not a temporary escape

but flight that would take me

where I had never been before.

That would release me

from the chains I’d bound myself in.

My hand in yours

as I ventured into the unknown

senses alive with possibility.

Heart pounding.

Pulse fluttering.

Not because of the destination

but because of the journey.

With you.



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You are like the ocean surf..redux


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You are like the ocean surf

Whose initial foray onto rock or sand

Was intense and commanding

Brooking no resistance

And as you receded

Parts of this new beachhead

Parts of me

Remained with you

You are like the ocean surf

The rush of you

Thoughts of you

Are like the tide sweeping in

To the shoreline

I can see them

I can feel them

But I’m helpless to stop the onslaught

The water swirling in a great burst of power

Turning over sand to reveal hidden treasures

Just as the sandy beach

Is enveloped with white-tipped surf

I am consumed by you

And with each ebb and flow

Of the tides

I am pulled further

Into your current


Where I wish to be


This is a reposting of a blog from last year. Now with added audio though I never really need a reason to reblog about the sea…I beg the reader’s indulgence once again…




Double exposure print by Antonio Mora


Savour and explore



Savour is such a delicious word.

It brings to mind such decadent things.




When I think of savouring

my thoughts center squarely on you…

My lips can almost feel the texture of your skin

beneath them.

Your hard.

Your soft.

My tongue knows your taste

though it’s never had that pleasure.

I am thirsty for you.

Drinking you in

a constant on my mind.

A yearning to know your essence.

To have you know mine.

To savour each other

like a fine wine.

The exquisite bliss as the tongue

is touched.

That first moment

as you alight there.

A taste never to be forgotten

seared into my mind

sating a hunger which is just for you.

A need for you to know all of me

and for me to discover your secrets

freely given under my fervent caresses

my attentive tongue.



Upon these crisp white sheets

our playground of skin

I ardently explore your terrain

and let you uncover my own

in ways I can only imagine.

Sunlight and shadows marking my curves

until you do.

The burn of your fingertips

as you lazily wend your way

from neck to arse.

Your gasp as my hand finds you

my touch like silk.

The feel of you…


as I raise my eyes to you

and see my own naked need


in your eyes.



Photograph taken from White Noten







This delicious connection

A delightful dance

Of matched words and desires

This slow dance

Of wanton thoughts

Tangoing through our minds

Has us pressing our bodies close

Our breath mingling

Our desires


Our words

A banquet

A veritable feast for our senses

Always dousing us in arousal

But never slaking our thirst

Always keeping us

On the edge

Of hunger



Photograph taken from Pinterest