Siren Whispers

Siren Song

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I adore this piece. Just beautiful. Please visit the original and peruse this very talented writer’s other works.

Richard M. Ankers - Author

She feels the warm sand suffuse her skin, a pleasant cosseting. The ocean breathes in deep inhalations, in then out, in then out, the surf tickling her toes. She giggles like the rippling waves. A marmalade sun melts in the west coating the surface water like morning toast. All is calm. All is right.
He is there, of course he is. He surveys her with eyes meant for no other, picks at the silica coating her skin. It glitters in the sunset. He likes that. The ocean is still warm, Caribbean almost. They could be anywhere, but they’re here, and that’s all that concerns him. He’ll never find another, not like her.
The tide rolls in. The tide rolls out. It’s seen young love before but this seems different. They are so happy. The ocean turns its back in shy embarrassment.
A breaker licks the girl, tasting her, as the…

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Dark muse


He is my dark muse

enticing me

with the sensuous midnight of his thoughts.

Rapturous delights that he knows

will tempt me

and arouse my curiosity.

Will enthrall my senses

and subdue the angelic whispers

of my soul.

My surrender

to his bewitching and beguiling seduction

assured and absolute.



Photograph taken from Pinterest


Solitary wildflower


High above the ocean

she flourishes

she blooms

a solitary wildflower

waiting for his touch.

Her colour


against the stark landscape

of rock and sea.

Swaying in the wind

caressed by sea spray

dancing to the roar

of the waves.



Photograph taken from Pinterest




I wear my scars beneath my skin.



Like muscles I flex only when needed.

My scars are part of me

each one giving me strength

as I run a finger along the ridges

knowing how and when and why

I bear it.

Some old and faded.

Some new.

Red and raw and painful at times.

An emblem to folly

but also 

to conviction.

An integral part of me.

Every scar

a badge I can wear proudly

stating unequivocally…

I have learned

I have lived

I have loved…



Photograph taken from White Noten




If you are my sin


If you are my sin

I will not confess

or make prayerful reparations.

There is no repentance

for this desire.

No forgiveness sought

as I kneel

and worship.

My fall from grace

all consuming

as I drink from the cup

you have given me.

A willing sacrifice

upon the altar

of pleasure

and pain.



Photograph taken from Pinterest



FullSizeRender (1)

Lick me

with your desire.

Devour me

with your yearning.

Swallow me

with your lust.

And then,

never stop…



Photograph taken from Pinterest


Seed of promise



Within her garden of words

she cultivated the possibility

of more

of them.

Planting a seed of promise

within his walls

she watched as blooms formed

against the odds.

Her imagination soared with memories

and yearning thoughts of him

leaving her quivering in anticipation

of his touch

upon the soft petals

of her soul.



Artwork by Chelin Sanjuan Piquero