Siren Whispers

Siren Song

She knows…



She knows

that when she writes

her words will be read

and sometimes dissected


She knows

that opinions will be formed

who it’s about

what it’s about

whether it’s fact

or fiction

or perhaps a bit of both


She knows

that sadness can be found behind a smile

that fear can hide within brave words

that excitement and joy can be disguised with poignant words

and that confidence can mask creeping doubts


She knows

that it isn’t always what it seems

to others

though sometimes it is…



Artwork by Karen Wallis

Author: sirensong1208

I created this blog as a way to express myself using my poetry and photography. It is a reflection of who I am and of the things that interest me. I have many muses…perhaps the greatest one being my love of the sea, how I gravitate to anything relating to water, how I feel a pull toward it deep in my bones. At times I will be revisiting content that I have shared on Twitter which has, until now, been the forum I have expressed myself in. That said, the content will change over time as the blog grows and develops. It is my hope that the reader will enjoy the journey.

12 thoughts on “She knows…

  1. Very true my friend… 🙂

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  2. Such truth. Love this.

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  3. Reblogged this on Love Letters Lost at Sea and commented:
    Another brilliant piece written by my sweet Siren friend.

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  4. This was wonderful. A great write.

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