Siren Whispers

Siren Song


She has curves…


She has curves

He loves to grip.

Holding her close to his chest

Resting in his lap

He caresses her.

His fingers knowing which strings

To pluck

To strum

To tease

To make the most beautiful music.

He makes her sing sweetly.

Sometimes she is accarezzévole

As though she is whispering tenderly.

Other times

She is played con affetto

She is roaring with passion

With abandon

His lover giving her all.

But whichever way she sings to him

Her voice

Her song

Is just




*Certain souls bring out the sweetest songs within us. A reblog from last year.


Art taken from


She dresses for him…


She dresses for him

with care.

From skin to stockings.

Every moment she spends

is imbued with thought

with her desire for him

with her desire to please him

to make him want her

beyond measure.

She clothes her naked skin

with scent.

From the lotion she smooths

along her arms, legs, belly, and breasts

to ensure she feels supple against his fingers

to the perfume she will dot on her pulse points

her natural heat giving strength to it

mixing it with her own natural fragrance.

There is the lingerie that adorns her curves

lacy and sexy

subtle and elegant

completely her.

The brassiere that delightfully cups her sweet breasts

covering and revealing all at once

her nipples hard against the lace

aching to be touched.

The panties

dipping low on her hips

her sex a beckoning shadow beneath the lace.

This ensemble completed by the enticing concoction

of garters holding up her stockings

encircling her waist as his hands will

delectably denoting her curves and lines.

Her lace top stockings

are silk against satin

encasing her long limbs.

Completing her look are her high heels

adding a roll to her hips as she walks

they make her feel sensual with every step.

She dresses for him

anxious to see his reaction

excited to be the recipient

of his hungry gaze.

Knowing that his hunger

matches her own.


*The pleasure of dressing for a lover…a reblog from last year.


Photograph taken from Perfectly Persuasive


Dreamer’s flame


It is the blue of the sea

Hypnotic and full of depth

It is constant

Able to withstand storm-tossed waves

And return to calm

It is my dreamer’s flame

The flame of you and I

Still burning after all this time

After wind and rain

After cold and snow

Withstanding all

Burning bravely

For you



Photograph taken from Pinterest


Holy Trinity


A decadent religion.

A sacred rite.

Beginning and ending

with the Holy Trinity:



and the dark of night.



Photograph taken from Pinterest





I waited in the rustic hollow

your words

clutched to my breast.

Breathless with excitement.

Wanting you to paint them

upon my skin.

Your mouth

the instrument

of your art.



Photograph taken from Pinterest




With every word I write

I present myself


I undress my soul

layer by layer

a wordy striptease

knowing what to reveal

and when.

Showing the many sides

of this woman

at times layers I am not even aware of.

 Displaying naked emotion

and raw desire

and allowing you the choice

to watch

or look away.



Artwork by Steve Hanks


The sway of her hips…


He watches her dance for him

It thrills him

Watching the sway of her hips

Natural and subtle in their movement

Catching his eye and holding him


Her body instinctively responds

To the music

She’s in another world

Lost in the bass, the melody

The essence of the song

That calls to her body

She touches herself

Her hands smoothing over her breasts

Caressing them

Then stroking her belly

And back up

In time with the music

It’s seductive beat urging her on

Every part of her pulsing with need

She knows his eyes are glued

To every thrust of her hips

Every tilt of her head

Every lift of her arms

He watches her intently

His hungry gaze

Not missing a thing

Not realizing

That he is holding his breath

Until the final note


*A reblog from last year because there is nothing like getting lost in the music…and the dance.


Photograph taken from Pinterest