Siren Whispers

Siren Song


Infinite conviction


With nothing but infinite conviction

she navigated a choppy sea

of evasion and confusion.

Unwilling to allow doubt

to be a stow away.

Having faith

she would prevail

and make land…



Photograph taken from Pinterest


Her Neck

Not new. Posted a year ago but I like it so I hope you’ll forgive the second outing…

Siren Whispers


He adored her neck.

Her skin

Pale and perfect

Had the bloom of a rose

In winter.

Her neck,

With its pale elegance,

He knew

If it were possible

Would be a place of pilgrimage.

A holy site.

One that he would readily worship at

Using all of his senses.

Running his nose along to catch her scent

It’s heady fragrance making him dizzy

With desire.

Lifting her hair and using his mouth

To leave kisses along its length

Feeling her wildly beating pulse

Beneath his lips.

His teeth would graze her skin

Igniting nerve endings

Causing a bolt of desire to shoot through her.

And finally, his tongue would taste her

Her unique flavor greeting his mouth

In celebration.

Photo taken by sirensong1208

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Tastes of the sea


The moonlight upon water 

catches the lilt of the waves as they rise and fall.  

The ebb and flow of the tide

speaking in hushed tones.

The night is dark and as soft as velvet.

They are alone.  

The beach is deserted,

 the only indication otherwise 

the path of clothes leading to the waters edge.

They are there within the warm waters 

with nothing between them but the sea,

lapping around them.  

She is pressed to him, 

her arms around his neck

her hands in his hair and upon his neck

caressing him.

His hands stroke her back, her hips, her arse

gripping their curve and pulling her to him 

pressing his urgent arousal against her

finding her warm and willing.

Their kisses are deep

tongues tangling

teeth nibbling.

They are lost in each other

fingers sensually smoothing over wet skin.


He lifts her up and as he does so

she wraps her long legs around his waist

his hard against her soft.

She arches her back

and he leans down to take a nipple between his lips

laving the tight rosebud with his tongue.

Enjoying the feel of her

and how she tastes of the sea.

The way he touches her

arouses her so completely

makes her wild to feel him inside of her.

As she kisses him

she wraps her legs tighter

pressing against him.


They groan into each other’s mouths

as he enters her

his hands squeezing her cheeks

controlling the movement

both of them lost to their arousal

as it violently crests.

She holds tightly to his shoulders

as he thrusts into her again and again

taking them down to the sand

water rushing over them

cooling their heated skin

but never dousing the fire between them.



Photograph taken from Pinterest



Just yours


The cool breeze caressing my neck 
and tousling my hair

Your fingers.

The sun kissing my face and shoulders

Your lips.

The birdsong filling the garden with sound

Your words

Whispered in my ears.

The sheets I am wrapped up in

As I sleep

Your embrace.

My body, my soul

My surrender


Just yours.



Photograph taken from The Unintended Muse


The swells of my imagination


I navigate the swells of my imagination

anticipating each wave

with an unsullied perspective

allowing the current to guide me

to lead me where it will

confident in my reflections

secure in my awareness

lost and found in the depths of who I am


Photograph taken from White Noten

Created in relation to the following quote:

“A mind

Forever voyaging through strange seas of

Thought, alone.”

~ William Wordsworth




Unquenchable fire


This desire I have for you

is an unquenchable fire

One that never has me

retreating to safety

but rather

flinging myself into the inferno

To burn


with you



Photograph taken from The Unintended Muse



Spilling devotion


A playground for your pleasure

replete with velvety hollows

and silken niches

a wonderland of hills, valleys

and dangerous curves

that you navigate with the hands

of an explorer


My mind aflame with suggestion

as you whisper every dirty thing

you have wanted to do

since you first saw me

everything you will do

now that you have me


Burning with desire

minds swollen with fantasy

imagination at full throttle

spilling devotion across my pale skin

with pain and pleasure


You worship me hard

leaving me raw

as we become more and more

tangled with lust



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A slow build



There is something to be said

for waiting

for savouring the moments that lead to that

singular moment.

It is the heightened response

you cannot help but be infused with.


again and again

eliciting a craving

for more and more.

A feeling of almost being out of control

a spiralling upward

that creates a delicious tension

upon your skin

as though you are a violin string

strung tight.



and left vibrating.

Your note

singing out

desperately yearning

for the notes

that follow…



Photograph taken from Tumblr



She is red lace…


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She is all curves and soft skin

A dark tempest of hair

And eyes the color of a stormy sea

She is red lace

Against pale skin

Chaste yet wanton

The juxtaposition

Of innocence and sin

Good girl and bad girl

A contrast that

Bewitches him

Beguiles him

And entices him

To unravel the enigma

That is her


A reposting from last year with audio added.


Photo taken by sirensong1208





My words

a tender, sensual confessional.


given on my knees.

Bound by need and want

I look to you for sublime absolution.

Sooty lashes lay upon my pale cheeks.

My mind awhirl with thoughts

as I wait

for the touch of your fingers

lifting my chin

my eyes following.

To see my sin


within your eyes.



Photograph by Roberto Gioli