Siren Whispers

Siren Song


The curve of her breasts…

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The curve of her breasts

The hint of shape

Beneath her clothes

That draws his eye

The subtle shadow

Pressing against fabric

That suggests its fullness

The curve of her breasts

Gives detail and substance

To his fantasies of her

He imagines 

The pale perfection of her skin

And how her nipples look

He envisions 

The color of those tantalizing buds

Pale or dusky

And how they appear

When she is aroused

He contemplates

How they would feel

Beneath his palms

Between his thumb and forefinger

And against his tongue

The curve of her breasts

He longs to peel away her clothes

To lay siege to her body

And discover

If his imaginings

Are real…


*This is not new but a repost from last year. I like it and I hope my readers will indulge me once again.


Photograph taken from Tumblr


Ruin me


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Ruin me

with thoughts

that seduce my inhibitions

peel the clothes from my body

and have me dancing to the sensuous song

you have sung

the movement within me



and wanton


Ruin me

with words

that adore me

and make love to me

as though they were

your hands

your lips

your tongue

your body


Ruin me




in the way that you know I yearn for


Ruin me

devastate me

ravage me

…and then begin again

from the beginning



Photograph taken from Pinterest


My restless spirit

Ireland, June 2016

My heart will be heavy

when I leave the sea.

As I get older

the need for this renewal

is keen.

My longing 


My restless spirit

always finding its home

amid the waves.



Photograph taken by SirenSong1208


Take me…

Take me to a place

unknown to me.

Mark my pale skin

with the lash of your lust. 

Let me feel the sting

of your desire

all across my soft curves

and hear the sharp crack

of your devotion

as it comes in contact 

with my flesh

my arousal


at your hands. 



Photograph taken from Perfect Pleasures


Dreams fading

Dawn breaks beyond the window.

The blush of a new day

tinging the horizon with pink. 

I am swimming in the deep end 

of my silence

searching the shore for you

my dreams fading 

with each minute. 

Feeling the rush and tremble 

of my emotions

I bury my head into the pillow

wishing it were your shoulder

 and the cool sheets against my skin

were the warm press

of your body. 

Aching with longing

another day begins.



Photograph taken from Pinterest



I look

not for a teacher

as we would learn together

but rather

a conservator. 

One who would remove my layers



Studying every inch

as he progressed.

Taking pleasure in his work.


the beauty

the truth

hidden beneath



Artwork by Tatiana Siedlova




She has become someone else.

Unlike the girl she had always been. 

The one everyone knew.

When the camera is upon her

it is not the lens which watches

which captures her essence

it is his eyes.

Never missing a thing

caressing every curvaceous inch.

his pulse becoming more rapid

as each frame reveals

just a bit more of her.

She is relaxed, excited, aroused.

The morning light

streams through her window

kissing her skin with warmth.

Imagining him there

a touch away

she loses herself to fantasy

arching her back

her sweet breasts thrust out

nipples straining for his touch.

Her body is languid with desire

her yearning palpable

over the miles. 

He pushes her boundaries

watching them crumble

one by one

taking intense delight

in plumbing the depths

of her hidden sensuality.

Finding exquisite pleasure

in her

with her.



Artwork by Eric Wallis


Rising tide

She braves the rising tide

of desire

and feels the current pull her

away from the safety and security

of the shoreline.

Away from all that she has 

always known.

She finds herself 

in forbidden territory

enticed by the thought of 

breaking taboos

with him.

Her heart races

in fear and exhilaration 

but she allows herself

to sink into deeper water

embracing depths 

heretofore unknown to her

but where she has always

longed to be.



Photograph taken from Pinterest



The way her innocence tastes

enthrals him.

She is delightfully shy 

yet bold.


but wanton.


yet strong.

She is his treasure to uncover.

Each layer he peels away

is a tempting preview

to the woman within.

Every part revealed

makes him hunger 

to know

to have




Artwork by Victor Bauer


On lighted skin

On lighted skin 

you trace your fingers.

The shadows becoming secret places

to place your lips

dissolving boundaries.

Every freckle

every mark

becoming plots on a map

to the heart of me.

Your tongue will taste each one

leaving no path undiscovered

your mouth recognising

the longitude and latitude

of my desire.



Photograph taken from Pinterest