Siren Whispers

Siren Song

Winter moon



The winter moon is high in the sky

beautiful and alone

majestically ruling the night.

I am still and silent in the warm nest of my bed.

Bare skin gilded by moonlight.

My breathing no longer steady

and calm

as I’ve been thinking of you.

The snow is falling

creating a winter wonderland outside of my window.

The world is blanketed in white

while stark trees

become silent sentries to the dark.

Snow drifts conjure up memories.

A lady in snow

skin as pale and as cold as marble

yet burning with a fire inside.

A time of yearning and anticipation

of rising passions and intense bonds.

A time when anything and everything

seemed possible

and I had the world at my fingertips.

I had you

and you had me.


*This piece has been sitting in my drafts since winter. With the heat of summer in full bloom I sometimes long for the cool kiss of a snowflake upon my cheek.


Photograph by Chi Yan for Yume; Model: Sabrina



Author: sirensong1208

I created this blog as a way to express myself using my poetry and photography. It is a reflection of who I am and of the things that interest me. I have many muses…perhaps the greatest one being my love of the sea, how I gravitate to anything relating to water, how I feel a pull toward it deep in my bones. At times I will be revisiting content that I have shared on Twitter which has, until now, been the forum I have expressed myself in. That said, the content will change over time as the blog grows and develops. It is my hope that the reader will enjoy the journey.

4 thoughts on “Winter moon

  1. I was thinking exactly the same as I read it. Refreshing and sensual.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. skin as pale and as cold as marble. You use such beautiful descriptions. Passing through your posts, I always find myself making mental notes on how to be a better writer.

    Liked by 1 person

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