Siren Whispers

Siren Song


Beyond her shore


The night sky

a velvet lapis lazuli

holding brilliant stars within its embrace.

She gazes in wonder

at each glittering constellation

making a wish

for he who waits

beyond her shore.



Image of Reunion Island by Daniel Cheong




I am the sweet strains of a violin.



poignant with longing

aching with want.

My voice found

as the bow slides across the strings


I sway

I bend

I reach toward you

feeling every emotion

every movement 

within me.

Curves and lines become chords in this song of passion.

A song which stirs your desire

when you are alone with your thoughts

thoughts of me

in the heat of the night.

You feel my surrender to you

in this dance of abandon

as I match the music’s melodic rise and fall

note for note

as I give everything

as I become one with that single note

that reverberates within you.






Image taken from Pinterest








A name

no longer your name

but your name nonetheless

how can my heart call you by any other name

than the one I chose for you

the one that soundlessly voices in my mind…

shall I rip it out

and start anew…

shall my memories be shelved

because that’s not you

and yet it is…

an identity

baby steps

for you

and for me

especially for me

for you are fearless

and I wish I was

but I will help you fly


I can do



Photograph taken from the Unintended Muse




Sometimes the thoughts come.  In a rush

I see it clearly. 

The bed, a tangle of sheets and limbs.  Skin striped by the shafts of light finding their way through the slatted shades.

I am on my back and you are before me.  Caressing me.  Pinching me.  Licking me.  Making every sense sing with your attentions.

I am on fire, with you.

I look up at you and see the same fevered arousal in your eyes that I know has softened my own.  I reach out and touch your chest, lazily stroking downward.

Touching you.  Feeling you and how hard you are.  How much you want me.

Your fingers have already discovered just how much I want you.

You flip me over, have me kneeling on the bed.  My breasts are flat against the sheet, my arse is in the air.  My hands are stretched out in front of me.  Clutching.  Beseeching.  My thighs delightfully wide.  For your pleasure

Your thrust takes my breath away.  Your skin against mine as you take your time. Your hands gripping my hips.  Your strokes, blissfully slow. Full.  Measured.

I feel one hand slide upward to palm my breast.  To squeeze my nipple.  The other sliding downward to find my sex.  Probing.  Circling.  Your movements synchronised with your thrusts.

You pull me up, my back against your chest.

My arousal is a delicious torture.  I can feel it building.  Stroke by stroke.

I can’t help but push backward, to take more of you, to feel you closer.

Your thrusts become faster now.  Gaining momentum

I’m lost in the sensations.  Your hands on me.  You inside me, filling me. 

Nothing else matters. 

Just us. And this thrilling, euphoric union. 


*This story short was posted last year but I like it and thought I’d give it another outing. I beg the indulgence of those who have read before and hope any new readers enjoy.


Photograph taken from Tumblr




Pale pink

whispers upon her skin

like the blush of a new day. 

Lace cups her sweet breasts

with a lover’s touch.

Sensuous curves are draped

with chiffon

that murmurs its delight

as it veils and reveals


He is tantalised by the shadows

of her curves

of her sex

as they tempt him

and ripen his imagination.

His thinks only of sliding the straps

down her arms


revealing her

inch by creamy inch

until at last

with a sigh of surrender

she’s left with a delicate sea of pink

at her feet.




Photograph taken from Pinterest


Her desires


Her desires are dark

her thoughts are taboo

but he knows how to lead her down the path

she yearns to follow. 

He knows how to challenge her

to push her boundaries

taking her fear

her nervousness

and using them

to inflame her imagination

making her wet and wild

for him.

Her sinews

her curves

molten heat

in his hands

and on his mind.



Photograph taken from Pinterest





Capture me

but without words.

Close your eyes

and sketch my curves

as though your hands

were sliding along them.

Feel them

under the nib of your pen

as it glides across the paper


all angles

all lines.

Feel me

with every mark of your ink

as you make me

your indelible art.



Photograph taken by Jack O’Connor; Model: Iana


Does it please you…


Does it please you…

That when I look at myself

I imagine it is you

Watching me

Studying me

As I dress for my day

From the first layer

The bra gently cupping my breasts

And the knickers

Slowly pulled up and slipped over my hips

Summer dress zipped up

The sweet tie at the waist

Drawing the eye


Does it please you…

That when I undress

I do it slowly

One item at a time

A slow reveal


If you were here

Your gaze would be rapt

And the moment the last item

Fell to the floor

I would be in your arms

And you would show me

…Just how pleased you are


*This is not a new piece but I’ve always liked it and so I am reposting for any new followers. I hope my regular readers will indulge me.


Photograph taken from White Noten


Unspent emotion


My words inspired by this.

Thank you to Writing of M for introducing me to this stunning piece of music.


The feelings run across me like a bow across strings.

The light but sure touch upon white keys dancing with a violin’s voice.

The melodies twisting and turning

threading and looping together.

I am undone.

My heart bursting with unspent emotion

my soul aching with need

see me 

see me


My breath catches and holds as the tempo increases

I can feel the tears begin to fall

my breath becomes laboured 

as the bow scratches faster across the strings.

My senses tighten

reaching out

stretching higher

the movement all along my spine

pulling from me


A frenzy of feeling

it reaches the top and spins about

letting it all out.

So much hope in that moment

to want to be

to want it all

to know the impossibility

but still

to feel

to know

to believe.



Photograph taken from See More and More


What do you do…

IMG_0660 2

What do you do


who have always been the optimist in the room

the one who can always dig deep

and find hope

find the best in any situation or person.

What do you do

when all of this has been battered and bruised

by circumstance

by others

who relegate your feelings, your person

to the bottommost spot on the ladder.

What do you do

to get back to that person

to find that inner peace that always shone through.

What do you do

to bring that smile

that genuine, joyous smile

back to your eyes.

What do you do.

When you find out…let me know



Photograph taken by SirenSong1208