Siren Whispers

Siren Song


The words


The words

live and breathe

inside my veins.


by thoughts

by feelings

by desires.

They hide

until I bid them appear,

buffed and burnished

unfettered and released

to whisper the sweet and passionate things

a poetess will murmur

to her Muse.


Not new but still relevant.


Photograph taken from Pinterest


Surf over sand


Your desire

cascades over my skin

with intent.

It caresses my thighs

it’s fingers moving ever upward

and inward.

It pools in my depths

lingering with expectation. 

It washes over me

like the surf over sand.







Covering me


with the passionate purpose

of your embrace



Photograph taken from Tumblr


Heel to hip


His eye is caught

By the line

From heel to hip

The curve of her calves

Entices him

To touch

To follow that path

With his fingers

A sleek, sensual slide

Of silky, satiny skin

Up her thighs

To where the pencil skirt

Its length deceptively modest

Hugs her hips and arse

As though it were a second skin

Embracing her curves

Like a lovers caress



Photograph by SirenSong1208


You are a poem


You are a poem

a delightful verse

lilting through my days

like a melody.

You are a puzzle

who’s edges fit mine so perfectly

it’s as though we were made

for each other. 

You are an enigma

one that I find intriguing

and enthralling.

Poem, puzzle, enigma.

I may never decipher you

but I will find pleasure

in the endeavouring.



Artwork by Vladimir Volegov


I find you


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I find you

in the curve and the wisp

of the clouds above

juxtaposed against perfect blue and sunshine.

Ever changing.

Ever fascinating.


I find you

in the winter landscape.

From the fragile snowflakes

dancing upon the air

to the heavy snowfall

that blankets the ground.

When the snow beckons

with its pure smile

and remembrances

of snow and pink skin

haunt me.


I find you

in the sea.

In the waves that crash against the rocks

time after time

to the tide

that rises and travels

to kiss the shore

enveloping completely

before it recedes.


I find you

in those early morning hours

when I wake

with your name

upon my lips

and my heart aches with want

and yet

a smile finds my lips

as I think of yours.


I find you

in the silence of the night

as my garden is consumed by inky darkness

as nature settles into sleep

and I let the cares of the day


I look at the moon

remembering when I gifted it to you

imagining it’s ethereal fingers

caressing you

in your sleep

and wishing

that they were mine.


I find you



*This is not new, but it is a favourite of mine. I hope the reader enjoys.


Artwork by Lluis Ribas


Passion lingers


Passion lingers in his every word.

At times it is a subtle caress

at others it is a stroke of intent.

But whether bold

or restrained

his pen is always purposeful

as it provokes my desire

and stokes an already raging fire

into an inferno. 



Photograph by Adam A. Dean, borrowed from Not Your Canvas




A pheromone so powerful

distance is no obstacle.

It invades his imagination

and his senses.

He can smell her when she’s not there.

Her taste is a constant in his mouth.

She has become a perfumed tempest,

her light touch

creating chaos in his soul

luring him back

into her arms.


*Not new but I like the idea of the senses being tantalised with the scent, taste and feel

of someone you’ve never physically met.


Artwork by Andrew Atroshenko



Like a cat


She thinks of him when she wakes.

She stretches like a cat

her limbs unfolding

along the tangled mess of her sheets

evidence of her fitful, vivid dreams.

She runs her hands along her bare skin

touching herself

as she knows he would.

Hearing his voice

in her head

wishing it were in her ear




Artwork by Steve Hanks


Take me there


‘Take me there’, she said

show me the way

paint vivid, lustful pictures

with your fingers

with your tongue

give me

give us

what’s craved most

the satisfying knowledge

of hands

and skin

and mouths

learning and deciphering

a master class in this wanton desire

with me

your devout pupil

leaving me wet

with your sinful trail of kisses

all down my body

no longer restrained

and feeling

every nuance

as we twine our limbs

pressed skin to skin

as close

as our next breath



Photograph taken from Pinterest


They are the words


They are the words

that embrace me

that caress me

that kiss me

that ravish me


They are the words

that wake me to you

that cause me to dream

that saturate my senses

and make vivid and warm each day


They are the words

which clarify

which confuse

which cause me such delight

and such torture


Those words

the ones I am ravenous for

the ones I greedily consume…

are they hell

or every found miracle…



Artwork by William Oxer