Siren Whispers

Siren Song




It’s in the way the waves

crash against rock and sand

like your fingertips

reaching for me


as I reach back

to you.

It’s the persistence

the unbidden course

of the current

always bringing you back to me

as the ebbing and flowing tide

veils and reveals

at turns

hidden treasures

of the soul.

The rain falls

the sea churns

the sun rises and sets

and days pass

and still

there is this.



This dancing flame

this deep and dark

this luminosity and light

that is ours.



Photograph taken from Now and Then


I feel you


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I feel you.

Just out of reach.

I close my eyes to focus

and you are here with me.

A tingle of awareness and a sharp quiver 

runs along my spine and lodges within my core.

Arousing me.


Do you know? Can you tell?

Do you feel that catch in my breath…

as I think of you

my nipples hardening as I think of your touch

of your breath upon them 

a moment before your lips

before your tongue

tastes them.

Never have they known such blissful awakening.

Does your breath catch as you think of touching me that way?

Does the line of your trousers change?

Does it tighten, imperceptibly

noticeable to no one

but you?

Do you close your own eyes

thinking of me

smiling wickedly

as you play that film reel in your head




layer after layer 

stripped away

leaving me bare 

to your hungry gaze,

knowing my gaze

upon you

was just 

as ravenous?


A repost, this time with audio.


Photograph taken by SirenSong1208




I listen to the rain outside my window

every droplet falling midway between hard and soft.

I get lost in the rhythm





and I imagine every one as you

falling upon my skin

touching me.

Your lips

finding my every curve and hollow

adoring them

worshiping them

like an artist

like a lover.

Your tongue

tasting me.

Your eyes closed as you make that first discovery.

That long asked question


The hunger to taste more

burning through you

like a wildfire.

The rain makes me think of getting lost in you

of every sensation I can conjure

when your name

crosses my lips.



Photograph taken from Tumblr





Slide your hands along my curves.

Feel the warmth of my skin

as it comes alive

under your touch

and you map

every quivering



inch of flesh

with your insatiable tongue.



Photograph taken from Tumblr




Her perceptive mind

knew him

understood him

saw her soul

within the reflection

of his

and in seeing

this mirror image

knew with her whole being

that her surrender

to him

meant a similar yielding

of him

to her.



Artwork by Vladimir Volegov, “Monday Dreams”


Her scent lingers


She’s not there but her scent lingers.

He idly touches her things

the silk robe, the soft chemise she wears to bed

the lace top stockings she wore to dinner the evening before.

He lifts them to his face, inhaling her scent

remembering how she looked fresh from her bath

her countenance rosy as she smoothed the lotion over calves and thighs

his eyes tracking the movements of her fingers

enjoying the way her skin looked

the muscles underneath moving with every new motion.

He rubs the silk against his cheek

remembering how it felt under his hands as he stroked her thigh under the table.

His fingers moving ever inward and upward.

Her dress no barrier to his questing hands

finding the edge of her lace knickers and slipping underneath.

Touching her heat, her wetness.

Knowing she would not betray his actions

delighting in their game.

He remembers how quickly their clothes were discarded

once they were alone.

How he had her keep her stockings and heels on as he bent her over the hall table

her bare breasts flat against the cool and shiny surface

their reflection in the hall mirror

an erotic capture

showing how he slowly

and deliciously 

entered her from behind.

Feeling himself harden with the memory

he smiles in pleasure

as he hears her key in the door…


* This is not new but I like it and it is true a scent, a taste…it can be the simplest of things that brings a flood of memories back.


Photograph taken from Pinterest

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They happen in the blink of an eye

The unimportant becomes significant

An image

A response

Grants a second look

There is the heady excitement of first words

Resulting in a lightning attraction

Enticement to say more

To do more

A connection is made

By such slender threads

Silky and sensuous bindings

From him to her

Gentle and yielding

When needed

Yet tighter than rope

And stronger than they ever knew

Each moment shared

A split second memory

Indelible upon the soul

How curious

That something so extraordinary

Is impelled

In the blink of an eye…


*This is not new. I first posted this a year ago, but some beginnings will never be forgotten.


Photograph taken from White Noten

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Like a secret


A copse of trees

lush and darkly mysterious.

I’m hidden from your eyes

yet not your senses.

You know I am there

just beyond 

your reach.

Find me

like a secret

weaving through your days

as honeyed light on Autumn afternoons.

A secret

you wish to call your own. 

An expressive whisper

you listen hard for

always wanting

to hear




Photograph taken by Lucy Nuzum; Model: Anouska Proetta Brandon





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In the stillness of this room

we find each other.


and arms

and mouths

and breaths.


to be closer than close.

Pressed to me

you look into my eyes

your fingers caressing my cheek

your breath


upon my skin

your heat

mingling with my own

as our pulses race

with anticipation.

I feel your need

as keenly as my own.

Time seems suspended.

The rain outside,

hitting the pavement in uneven strikes,

the crackle of thunder overhead

our whispers

and the murmur of the sheets

barely heard

above the pounding

of our hearts.



Photograph taken from Pinterest


Her song


It is her secret fantasy…

In an intimate club she takes the stage.

Dressed in a long sheath which clings to every curve

and caresses her every movement

she is cooly elegant

in a dress that belies the smoulder in her eyes.

Her dark hair falls in glossy waves about her shoulders

and her lips are ruby red.

She sings ballads of star crossed lovers

and of tortured passion.

The audience becomes enraptured with her voice

as every seductive verse is drawn out

every word, whisper, sigh

imbued with emotion.

She loses herself in the lyrics

feeling every word

living them there on the stage.

Singing them to the one who feels them

with her.

Her audience of one.

The only man she has eyes for.

Her song

for him.



Photograph of the talented actress Emily Blunt, original source unknown.