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Awareness, understanding and empathy



Politics is not something I typically write about, but I do write about things that affect me.

On day 2, post-election, I am numb.  But more than that I am stunned, deeply disturbed and disappointed.   In the American people.   It’s not so much that Donald Trump was elected, though that in itself unsettles me, but the reasons for that are a whole other post, it’s the hateful behavior I have witnessed in the run up to voting day and since then that has been horrific. 

We are at a critical juncture in our country’s path and I feel nothing but fear and sadness at thoughts of the future.  The lack of awareness, understanding and empathy I have seen in the past two days is astounding.

Neither side is exempt from this criticism, but given that Trump was not my candidate I can only personally comment on the backlash from his supporters.  Have any of these people, whose candidate has now attained the highest office in the land, have any of them given any thoughts to how some of our society are now feeling?  How they are afraid of what the future holds for them?  Those that have already heard the views of Pence, who thinks that homosexuals should be given electric shock therapy to ‘cure’ them, to Donald Trump’s mocking of a disabled journalist and the reprehensible way that those things have been swallowed and enjoyed, like candy.  Those are just two examples of the many things that I found distasteful and abhorrent about this man and the way he stirred up his support base, advocating violence.  Because of his views and the views of those he will surround himself with, this small fraction of society now feels cut off and marginalized and we, as the losing side, are told to suck it up and shut up, stop your whining.  Where is the dialogue?  Where is the acknowledgement of fears, of worry?  Where is the extension of the hand of inclusion?

I myself, at 2:30 am on 11/9, when I barely had time to fully register what had happened, expressed (on my own twitter timeline) my fear about the Supreme Court Justice seats and how three of them will be appointed by this president.  Feeling certain (given Trump’s remarks on the subject) that none of them would be moderate and what this means for me, my family, my children.  I was attacked and called a petulant sore loser.  Really?  My words, my twitter.  My right to express my views.  If you choose to comment to me do so in a constructive, respectful manner. 

This is meaningful discourse?  Expecting the losing side to dance a jig when they are reeling from a loss beggar’s belief.  I am certain that Donald Trump (and certainly his supporters) would not have been so conciliatory if Hillary Clinton had won.  From his own lips came the words that he would not accept it.  There is more than the slight chance that he, and his supporters, would have said that the election was rigged.

I watched the unfolding results with a heavy heart.  Neither candidate was who I felt we should have as our choice but that was what was presented.  I made the best of it by choosing a candidate that I felt was fit for the job, who I could count on to represent me in a presidential manner, who was looking to be inclusive of all.  You don’t have to agree with my decision, my choice, but you also don’t get to assume I did not do my due diligence in choosing a candidate.

I went into this vote unhappy with the selection of candidates.  For the first time I felt absolutely nothing as I cast my ballot, having no candidate I could truly believe in.   So don’t suppose that because I voted differently from you that I don’t wish for a better America.  I just didn’t see Trump as the path to that.

I have always felt that a winning side should be gracious in that victory.  But I have not seen that.  When I and others expressed worry about what was to come we were criticized and called names.  I don’t expect these people, who don’t have the same fears or issues to know how we are feeling but as a nation shouldn’t we be trying to come together, to understand and acknowledge these worries?

Perhaps if they put themselves in the shoes of those who feel disenfranchised and attacked by this coming administration, that they would understand these concerns and the very real questions teeming in our heads.  I am a parent who now has the task of trying to find a way to protect my children from this very real hatred of others who are deemed different.  And how do I do that?  I cannot insulate them, wrap them in protective bubble wrap.  They go to school, they play sports and every day they are witness to this hate.  

Every person matters.  Not just those on the winning side.



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Author: sirensong1208

I created this blog as a way to express myself using my poetry and photography. It is a reflection of who I am and of the things that interest me. I have many muses…perhaps the greatest one being my love of the sea, how I gravitate to anything relating to water, how I feel a pull toward it deep in my bones. At times I will be revisiting content that I have shared on Twitter which has, until now, been the forum I have expressed myself in. That said, the content will change over time as the blog grows and develops. It is my hope that the reader will enjoy the journey.

23 thoughts on “Awareness, understanding and empathy

  1. After reading post after hateful post on my Facebook feed, I finally broke down and posted the following: “I had a child go to bed last night feeling defeated and hurt. Not for himself as he told me, “I’m a privileged white male and should have no fears about what happened in the election. But I’m afraid and sick for my friends, their families and even you, Mom.” And while I am proud of him for having a heart that can truly understand the significance of yesterday, it made me realize that my work does NOT end with my children. Yesterday, I told one of the sweetest, most intelligent young women I have ever met not to allow the results of this election to silence her voice. We need her to speak up and speak out. But actually, she needs ME to speak up and speak out. She needs my white privileged sons to speak up and speak out. So know this, while I hate the atmosphere being cultivated in this country, I will not advocate hate. I will defend love for humans — people of color, women, LGBT, people of different religions and nationalities. You know where the unfollow or unfriend buttons are if you cannot “tolerate” love. I will not be silenced or disrespected. I will not allow anyone to silence or disrespect my family. And my family includes people of color, women, LGBT, people of different religions and nationalities.” As an adult it is difficult to process the division in our country. But for our children to be witness to it, endure it and even at times be engaged in it — it infuriates me. And like the Force in Star Wars, it is my choice whether I use it for good or evil, love or hate. I choose Love. Thank you, Siren sister, for posting this. Hugs to you!!

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    • Yes, thank you for that. I debated whether to write this but felt after yesterday’s behaviours and my own child’s telling me that they are terrified that this needs to be said. It is shameful. The only bright spot that I have found, like you, is that I raised my children properly, to look at all as their equals and to have compassion and understanding, knowing just how fortunate they have been in life. Hugs to you too my sister. Be well. xo

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  2. Empathy and listening to the true fear this has brought so many.

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  3. Fantastic post, I agree with every word you said!

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  4. Bravo!! I will not be hateful and disruptive. I will however raise my voice even louder now for those who need it most, because together, WE WILL be heard over the rumbling of hate and intolerance.

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  5. You are right SS, politics on a blog is dicey business.This man crates so much extreme feeling one way or the other. He scares me too. I am hopeful that the checks and balances built into our government, namely the House and Senate can moderate most of his wild ideas. Justices need to be confirmed by the House and Senate for instance. The downside to that is that both the House and Senate are a Republican majority I see. Sadly, there is no filter to moderate this man’s mouth, which I fear will alienate the US from the rest of the world even more. I am hoping for the best, given the gravity of the office he is about to assume. And I also wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t last the full 4 years. I just hope he doesn’t take the rest of us down with him.

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  6. As you know, I feel the same about all of this… including the reluctance to post about it. But I did… partly because I wanted to believe that no one would bother attacking me for posting something on my own blog and also because I felt like I had to do it. (The irony is, I received an offensive (now removed) comment made by someone who isn’t even a Trump supporter… wow.)

    The entire situation is scary and I hate that even my children are frightened. Someone who scares so many has no business running our country.

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  7. 🙏🌹👍 I am glad you posted this, and I truly wish others would do the same. Personal attacks are uncalled for and if I offended you, I do apologize. My intention has only ever been to encourage respectful conversation.

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  8. Was the worst election of my 58 years . Both candidates had a lot of bad luggage to carry into the job of President..

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