Siren Whispers

Siren Song


Without apology


Days tinged with sadness.

The die is cast.

Yet even so

I know that light waits for me

just over the horizon.

There will be challenges

that I will embrace with bravery.

There will be disappointments

in what I cannot control.

But I believe

that a better day

will dawn.

For me.

The time will come

when I am free to be me.

Without apology.



Photograph taken from Pinterest


A Christmas Eve instruction

IMG_1944 7

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Christmas Eve mass.

A time for reflection.

But for her

she was thinking of anything

but the birth of the baby Jesus.

She felt naughty

and alive

for she had been given instruction.

Her eyes danced with mischief.

Her secret

and his.

She knew he must have smiled

as he typed the words

wondering at her reaction

feeling a delicious tug

at the thought of her

doing as he had directed.

Up went her skirt

past the lace top thigh highs

dark against her pale thighs.

She tugged her black lace knickers down.

Off they came and down went the skirt

smoothed along her thighs.

Enjoying the feel of her naked skin and sex

against the skirt.

It was a first for her

and she found it a most delicious practice.

Every time she crossed her legs

every time she moved

she was aware of her bareness.

She thought of him each time

knew he would be pleased

and this aroused her

as pleasing him always did.

Going to church

would never be the same…

*This was first posted two years ago. At the time it caused a bit of a stir. Last year I added audio. It’s a favourite piece so I beg your indulgence once again.






my favourite colour

in a lacy sheath that caresses curves

concealing and revealing


Neither the pastel of sunwashed skies

nor the jeweled tone of a Caribbean sea

but rather the velvet dark of a star less night

when lovers’ promises hang in the air.



my evening’s colour

touched with candlelight

and the whisper

of suggestion

of sin.

Deeper than the ocean’s hue

and as bold and fathomless

as my desire

for you.



Photograph taken by SirenSong1208




The cool quiet of this winter night

is heated

by thoughts of you.

This night

becomes one with the darkest of dreams.

Conjuring you up

over the miles

to show me what true possession feels like.

Dark imaginings of your skin pressed to mine

the play of your fingers

across my breasts

my belly

my thighs.

All of this

poured into decadent dreams

as desire saturates my mind.

A kaleidoscope of passion.  

I am breathless with every thought I can summon.

Thoughts that become fantasies that become dreams

that are dark and dangerous and daring.

Full of delicious promise

that makes my skin dance

and my body tremble

with the heat of my arousal.

Dreams so real, so vivid

that I can feel the ridges and whirls 

of your fingerprints

left across every inch of sacred flesh

and your scent

clinging to my skin as I wake

intoxicating me




Photograph taken by Jose Miguel

Model: Lauren Nicholas





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Hesitant at first

the temptation to know him

to taste his mind

to be caressed 

by the darkness of his thoughts

to drink from the cup he offered

this temptation

whispered my name


and I knew

that he

was that potent elixir

that I had thirsted for

an invitation to sin

that appealed to the darkness

that ached to be released.

I knew

that in placing my hand within his

that my fall

would be a swift one

plummeting into his depths

like a rock

within water.



Photograph taken from Pinterest


Before the rush


She cannot remember a time

before the rush

of him.

Before he invaded her thoughts


Before her body became a temple

for him to worship at.

She cannot remember a time

before the wanting of him.

Before her awareness began.

Before her body reacted

to a single word

from him.


*First posted two years ago when I had far fewer followers. I hope that new and old alike enjoy the reposting.


Photograph taken from Pinterest




I linger in his shadow

entranced by his dark song

staggering in its beauty


in its seduction

and which beckons

to my soul

and the midnight

that he knows

prowls within.



Photograph taken by Jose Miguel

Model: Lauren Nicholas


Calling his name


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She wakes in the night

a voice rousing her from her dreams.

It is her own

calling his name.

Her eyes adjust to the darkness.

The stillness surrounding her like a soft blanket.

He’s in her mind

as he always is.

She says his name




and like a wraith in the night he is there.

He draws her into his arms

skin against skin

hard against soft

breast to chest

hip to hip.

They cannot get any closer.

She is intoxicated by his scent

by how he feels.

He kisses her

gently at first


more insistently

passion flaming at the first touch of tongues.

They become lost in each other

in the contact

in their connection.

As they kiss

skin is pressed

caresses are felt

fingers questing along curves and lines


and hers.

He finds her




She arches into him

nipples hard against his chest.

Wanting more

needing more.

His knee presses her thighs open

followed by his hands



pushing her over the edge.

Her hands reach for him

as he slowly enters her

filling her

his heat now part of hers.

He stills as she wraps her legs around him

pulling him deeper.

Wanting to prolong the moment

when they are closer than close.

Never wanting to wake

from this dream.


*A repost from last year now with added audio.


Photograph taken from Tumblr




Thoughts cut like a knife

after so many years

being relegated to nothing

made to feel small

a stranger

blindsided by the cruelty

of his actions

numbed by the carelessness

of others

close to her

what should have been special

became just one more painful overture

in this

her orchestrated life



Photograph taken from Tumblr


Revisiting a milestone

IMG_0348_1024 (1)

Much can happen in a year.

I have never been afraid of getting older.  In fact, over the last few years I felt I had become a better version of myself.  In every way. I was finally comfortable in my own skin, confident in myself and what I knew I offered to those closest to me and to the world at large.

But this has been an extraordinarily hard year.  On many fronts.  And I feel it.  It’s taken its toll.  It seems I have been cast upon a new and unwieldy sea.  Currents that I used to navigate with ease I am finding to be more treacherous, and challenging, to manoeuvre upon.

I struggle with hope and optimism, with the actions of others, but the one thing I know I can count on, can always rely upon, is my own strength, is my belief in myself. 

I wrote the following at the start of this year and I thought it was appropriate to this post:

There are those times that you take stock of yourself

Ticking off what is important

And what is not

I’m not young or beautiful

But I am so much more than the skin I am in

I am the sum total of all my years

I am wisdom

I am kindness

I am compassion

I am humour

I am love



Photograph taken by SirenSong1208