Siren Whispers

Siren Song




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it is in the hoping that something special

something extraordinary

might happen

might be part of our future.

It is this that keeps us moving through our days

our eyes open

our senses

attuned to change

hoping that we’ll recognise it

when it makes its appearance.

And then

if we see it

and know it

do we grasp it

do we make sure

that all of those agonizing days and nights

of wanting something more

something unexplained

something undefined

that we give ourselves up to it

with all of our heart and soul

and become extraordinary

in the giving



Photograph taken from Pinterest




His words


and sinuous

they wrap about her.

A vine

of her undoing.

A garland

of tender syllables

holding her close.

A silken tether

that binds their distant souls




Photograph taken from Tumblr


Lost in the motion


I’m lost in the motion

of your words

as they slip and slide over me

like your skin

when pressed to mine.

My imagination is in overdrive

your dark desire reducing me

to liquid fire

in your hands.



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He sees her.

She is in repose.

She is all dark hair, sculpted cheekbones and elegant neck.

All of this and those breathtaking curves he adores.

He watches the rise and fall of her breasts, wanting to wake her yet wanting to devour her with his eyes.

She is a wild beauty captured by him, but untamed.

Her body is gilded with gossamer threads making her appear to be a fairy tale princess awaiting he who will awaken her to everything.

Her curves are draped in delicate netting, sheer but for the embroidered flowers their edges caressing the swell of her breasts.

He sighs in appreciation at the vision she presents.

His hungry gaze following the cut of the gown as it flares to show the satiny expanse of her bare belly before resting upon the silken triangle he is sure is his gateway to paradise.

He aches to plant a kiss along that delectable curve, the hollow of her navel, his lips following a sinful path to the most intimate part of her.

He breathes her in, closing his eyes, memorising her scent; his body anticipating her taste, knowing it will be burned into his mind, his senses, forever.

Wondering to himself, who has awakened who…



Photograph by sirensong1208


He knows her


He knows her

by her eyes

a clear gaze that sees right to his soul.

He knows her

by the soft persuasion of her smile

as it lifts

from corner to corner

her eyes joining in

with a twinkle

leading his own to grace his face.

He knows her

by her quiet intelligence

and irreverent sense of humor

the way that she makes him laugh

the way that she makes him think.

He knows her

by her breathtaking curves

and girl next door appeal

a siren under wraps

discovered as he peeled away

layer after layer

allowing her to bloom

under his care.

He knows her

by her gentle soul

that believes the best of others

by the light he finds within her

that warms him on his coldest days

and by the way she finds beauty

in everyday.

He knows her

as she knows him

but they have barely begun

to know.


*This is not new but remains true.


Photograph taken from PerfectlyPersuasive




Autumn leaves.

Their fiery beauty the setting

to an unwanted separation.

A cold blast of winter air

settled around my shoulders

and froze the tears

upon my cheeks.

The world tilted upon its axis

and I spilled off

into the black abyss.

His touch

hidden from my heart.

Secret longing kept buttoned

under my winter coat

as I walked miles

lost in our memories.


*Written for PoemTrail on Twitter; Prompts in bold


Photograph taken from Pinterest

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Sensing the sublime promise

within her

he gave himself up

to the darkness

of their mutual desire.

Taking without hesitation

that which she

so innocently

and elegantly


to him.



Artwork by Marcos Beccari


One glance

Long before meeting

I was yours.

It took only one glance

for us to know

for us to be certain

and within those certain

sacred moments

I gifted my most valuable treasure.

The key 

to the house of my soul.



Photograph by Aleksandr Savichev


Opium kiss

The scent of it teased her senses

for weeks

before she allowed herself

to breathe it in.

An exotic unknown

that lured out of the dark

the silent, sensuous voice

of her soul.

With an opium kiss that seduced her,

it’s taste delicious

and forbidden

upon her untutored palate,

she found herself embraced in a sensual flight

of decadent sin

surrendered inhibitions

and a lust overdose

that left them both with a hunger

they could not sate.

Their connection

a scorching addiction

needing no intervention

as they mainlined the sweet tincture

of illicit desire.



Photograph taken from Pinterest



A simple question


It was a simple question

yet she paused before answering.

A breathless second that felt like hours.

Images flashed before her

and her pulse began to flutter

with excitement.

She knew that to say yes

would irrevocably change her.

She said it anyway.

Her answer,

a simple and unequivocal yes.

But the reasons behind her answer

were anything

but simple.



Photograph taken from Tumblr