Siren Whispers

Siren Song

A year.



A year.

12 months.

365 days.

Anniversaries can be happy occasions, commemorating a special event, but they can also be a marker on a timeline.

A gauge of changes made.

Once there was a path that stretched out before you, endlessly it seemed, but now you can look back and see how far you’ve come.

Life changed a year ago, in ways that I could only imagine.

You never really understand how monumental change will be until you are in the midst of it.  There is fallout, great and small, and decisions that need to be made, continuously.  It’s a perpetual pivot of action and reaction. 

Things that should be part and parcel of growing up are now complicated and messy and filled with more questions than a test booklet.

No matter how much research and preparation you do, you feel off balance, always trying to strike a balance between assurance and uncertainty.

But you get there.  Or partly there.  You’re on the path.  Trying to take in stride each fork in the road, each dip and hole, or frankly, no path at all.  And you struggle.  Silently.  Because what would it do to scream or rage?  So you swallow it.  And it escapes in your dreams, it wakes you, it distracts you, it keeps your emotions bubbling just beneath the surface.

And you manage this along with other painful trials and tribulations.  Some you must keep secret.  Some you must weather on your own, silently.

And then the day comes.  A year.  Was it really a whole year?  And you look at them and you see the changes that the year has wrought.

You see that they are happier than they were.

You murmur a prayer of thanks.  And you find hope and promise in the coming year.

Because you know that there are more hurdles.

But you’ve got this.



Photograph taken by Chris Ford 



Author: sirensong1208

I created this blog as a way to express myself using my poetry and photography. It is a reflection of who I am and of the things that interest me. I have many muses…perhaps the greatest one being my love of the sea, how I gravitate to anything relating to water, how I feel a pull toward it deep in my bones. At times I will be revisiting content that I have shared on Twitter which has, until now, been the forum I have expressed myself in. That said, the content will change over time as the blog grows and develops. It is my hope that the reader will enjoy the journey.

6 thoughts on “A year.

  1. Yes, you got this. ❤️

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  2. I adore this…btw you got this. Xx hugs my friend

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