Siren Whispers

Siren Song


A breath of ashes


It is a fire that rages

with violence

Burning with a vivid emotion




that engulfs us

We become the Phoenix

rising from within

A breath of ashes

becoming the oxygen

we need to survive


©SirenSong1208 ~ 2017

Artwork by eiladh at Deviant Art; “Shade”


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The storm


The storm is upon me.

I watch the trees swaying in the August wind,

thunder cracking like a mighty fist

upon a table.

Lightning flashing in the distance, 

illuminating the evening.

Twilight settling the sky

from day to night.

I watch from my garden door

as the rain comes in swiftly.

The droplets littering the glass,

like a thousand miniature eyes,

watching me

as I watch the storm,



©SirenSong1208 ~ 2015

Photograph taken from Pinterest

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I want to know


I want to know

the scent of Summer upon your skin.

Sunlight warming it

as we bask in a golden day,

our senses


with the briny, tangy smell and taste

of the sea.

Your smile

a mirror of my contentment.


I want to know

the taste of Autumn upon your tongue.

Cinnamon and clove

as richly spiced and dark

as our moments together.

Shorter days and longer nights.

Crisp leaves and vivid hues.

Golden light bringing beauty

to a fading landscape,

one last dance before winter’s sleep.


I want to know

the touch of Winter when your hand is in mine.

The warmth and strength held within a grasp

as we amble

through the quiet and cold monotone landscape 

that we’ve known,

understanding beginning

with open hearts and open minds,

preparing for a metamorphosis

and days

filled with colour and light.


I want to know

what Spring looks like with you,

as blooming commences

and possibilities abound.

Seeds planted take root

and stems grow


strong and resilient.


©SirenSong1208 ~ 2017

Photograph taken from Pinterest, source unknown

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Fast and furious


he parts her thighs

and takes her breath

hands gripping the slender length of her throat

the pulse flickering



beneath his fingertips

the heat of his skin upon hers


a searing mark

he urges the carnal

the wildness within her

to stride forth

to run with his

fast and furious

a mindless need fulfilled

she surrenders to him

as he surrenders

to her


©SirenSong1208 ~ 2017

Photograph taken from Tumblr


The call of the deep


She has the ocean within her.

The call of the deep

stirring her senses,

urging her

to boldness.

Like the wild surf


through her veins,

to risk

to chance

to live

to love.


©SirenSong1208 ~ 2017

Photography by kaleakte on Flickr

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Like a drug


I wake with a hunger for you

Reaching out for where you should be

My hand finding an empty place upon white sheets

The tangled heat of the night

Now cool to the touch

Slatted blinds cast shadows and sun

Upon bare skin

I stretch into the heat of its kiss

The steady tap of fingers upon keys

Announces your presence

And prompts my rise from one warmth

To seek another

My hand reaches for you

 A finger gently touching

Caressing your neck

As I pass

The flutter of silk

Ghosting along my thighs

Its whisper catching your attention

Your scent cluttering my thoughts

As I breathe deeply of you

My restraint in tatters

As your nearness

Strips away the façade of serenity

My need for you

Coursing like a drug

Through my veins


©SirenSong1208 ~ 2017

Photograph taken from Tumblr

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Dead Sea Scrolls


I touch the waves

of unforgotten memories.

Water becoming my parchment.

Letters to the ocean.

Where my secrets

become forbidden text.

The Dead Sea Scrolls

of all that we were.

Written in a  language


only by us two.


©SirenSong1208 ~ 2017

Photograph taken from Tumblr

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Pursuing the shadows


The silence of the night

Blankets my thoughts

Allowing them to fade from the light

Pursuing the shadows

The nyctophile within

Celebrating the darkness

That sits not solely

With sky, moon, and stars

But which seeps from my soul

Out upon my paper

The ink drying

In vivid strokes

Identifying my words

As absolute

In their intent


©SirenSong1208 ~ 2017

Photograph taken from Pinterest

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Museum of my heart


The museum of my heart is full of rooms

that describe me

but do not define me.

Walls painted with joy and pain.

Hung with the memories

of family and friends and lovers.

Floors set with mistakes and successes

Ceilings lit with laughter and love.

This museum of my heart is not a place of glass cases,

where you look but do not touch.

It is a place of discovery,

where every corner is interactive

and rooms are added


A growing archive

to how deeply I live

and to how profoundly I love.


©SirenSong1208 ~ 2017

Photograph taken from Tumblr



Sea of dreams


I will find you

upon this sea of dreams

delighting in the sometime

fierce waves

after becalmed waters

seduced by a midnight

as dark as the ocean deep

and one that beckons to me

to plunge into your depths

as we become

two minds

charting the same course

night after night

to each other.


©SirenSong1208 ~ 2017

Artwork found on Tumblr/unsourced