Siren Whispers

Siren Song


A wild thrumming


You inspire deep desire within me

My hunger for you


This ache vibrating

Across every inch of me

Humming audibly

A wild thrumming in my veins







Photograph taken from SocialSurvival


Impure breath

There are nights that I ache

for that which I can only imagine.

My yearning increasing

with every rise and fall

of the sun.

A longing to learn the mortal language 

your hands would teach my body.

My impure breath

tasting of your name

in desperate pleas.

My profane thoughts

becoming a silent invocation

to your darkest



©SirenSong1208 ~ 2017

Photograph taken from Tumblr, unsourced


The rain looks like stars

The rain looks like stars

In a night drenched in black

The pavement glittering with silver

I breathe softly

The evening air cool upon my lips

I attempt to calm this turbulence

Within myself

To slow

This rapid pulse

A staccato in my ears

And this dizzying feeling

Which consumes me

I am saturated with emotions

With desire

With longing

Conjured up

With the mere thought of you



Artwork “Dancing in the moonlight” by Gilles Grimoin


The night breathes


The night breathes

And sighs your name

It peels the covers away

And stealthily slips into my bed

My lover

To kiss away the moonlight

I am dressed in

To make wicked the waning dark

Bringing about a blush

To rival the dawn



Photograph taken from WhiteNoten


Library boy

Once upon a time things were simpler.


Life is different now.


I think of you and an image forms in my mind.

Library boy.

You would have been that boy alone at the library table.

A stack of carefully chosen books in front of him.

I would have noticed you from across the room,

my own stack of carefully chosen books in a semicircle before me.

A fortress to hide behind.

A way to see without being seen.

I would lose myself in the silence that was the rule and which I breathed in with great

greedy gulps.

I would have noticed you in much the same way you become aware of the other lone

person in a cinema.

Watching a last run film and laughing at the same parts.


I would have been shy, never speaking to you or making eye contact,

but wanting so much to talk to you

to get your attention.

I would have made trips to the stacks, ostensibly to find a book, though I clearly had

enough to occupy me.

I would have felt you watching me as I walked past you to use the card catalog.

You aware of me.

Me aware of you.

With every step.

Feeling your interest as I shuffled through the cards.

Not reading them.

Not even seeing them.

My face flushed.

My heart thumping out of my chest.

Willing this solitary boy to be as interested in me

as I was in him.


©SirenSong1208 ~ 2017

Photograph taken from Pinterest, unsourced




Preparing for the burn

I am overcome

Desire rapidly burning edges

Till they meet as an inferno

In the heart of me

Such a sweet pain

A death by craving

Always aching

For that which is out of reach

The press of your body

The taste of your kiss

I feel the heat

From your whispers

The caress of your words

I lick my defenses

Turn my head

Cover my ears

Preparing for the burn


©SirenSong1208 ~ 2017

Photograph taken from Pinterest, unsourced


Rosary beads


Touch my curves

as though they were rosary beads.

Thumbing each one


Every stroke of your fingers

a murmured prayer

an Act of Contrition.

I will be the glorious mystery 

unfolding beneath

your hands

your mouth.

Make me your religion.

An altar for you

to worship at.

And not just on Sundays…


©SirenSong1208 ~ 2017

Photograph taken from Tumblr/unsourced




Slide your hands along my curves.

Feel the warmth of my skin

as it comes alive

under your touch

and you map

every quivering



inch of flesh

with your insatiable tongue.



Photograph taken from Tumblr

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The taste of your lips

The honeyed tincture

I crave

With a fierce hunger.

Your essence

A delight to my senses.

Every synapse

Ignited and firing

Until all I can utter

Is ‘More’.


*Written two years ago. Some hungers fade while others are fired.


Photograph taken from Pinterest


That book

You would be that book that I would savor.

The cover only hinting at the contents.

My curiosity aroused

by the suggestion of what lay inside.

My attention would be held from those first moments.

A word

a description

would catch my eye

and get me thinking that this was no ordinary book.

Neither formulaic nor predictable,

but rather something unique

and rare.

Something I had searched for,

certain I would know it if I found it.

Modestly bound,

this book would be full of depth.

unmet fire, and promise.

Feeling the connection deep within,

I would pore over each page


my fingers sliding along text and image

the heat rising along each curve

my pulse beginning to race

as my imagination began to flare.

The story touching me,

arousing me,

inducing me to read well into the night.

Ravenous for every word.

Enthralled with my discovery.

But though I would be impatient to reach the end

I would restrain myself from glancing at the last page.

Knowing that the journey through those pages,

reading every line

knowing every chapter

would be worth it.

To know the story,

to know the man

in his entirety.


©SirenSong1208 ~ 2017

Photograph taken from Tumblr; original provenance unknown