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Revisiting a milestone

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Much can happen in a year.

I have never been afraid of getting older.  In fact, over the last few years I felt I had become a better version of myself.  In every way. I was finally comfortable in my own skin, confident in myself and what I knew I offered to those closest to me and to the world at large.

But this has been an extraordinarily hard year.  On many fronts.  And I feel it.  It’s taken its toll.  It seems I have been cast upon a new and unwieldy sea.  Currents that I used to navigate with ease I am finding to be more treacherous, and challenging, to manoeuvre upon.

I struggle with hope and optimism, with the actions of others, but the one thing I know I can count on, can always rely upon, is my own strength, is my belief in myself. 

I wrote the following at the start of this year and I thought it was appropriate to this post:

There are those times that you take stock of yourself

Ticking off what is important

And what is not

I’m not young or beautiful

But I am so much more than the skin I am in

I am the sum total of all my years

I am wisdom

I am kindness

I am compassion

I am humour

I am love



Photograph taken by SirenSong1208






I am the sweet strains of a violin.



poignant with longing

aching with want.

My voice found

as the bow slides across the strings


I sway

I bend

I reach toward you

feeling every emotion

every movement 

within me.

Curves and lines become chords in this song of passion.

A song which stirs your desire

when you are alone with your thoughts

thoughts of me

in the heat of the night.

You feel my surrender to you

in this dance of abandon

as I match the music’s melodic rise and fall

note for note

as I give everything

as I become one with that single note

that reverberates within you.






Image taken from Pinterest






Not a girl of Summer

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I am not a girl of Summer

though the sea runs through my veins

and I would happily swim from dawn to dusk.

I am not a Coppertone baby with flowing yellow hair

golden strands gleaming in the sun

a perfection of tan skin and white smiles.

I am a girl of Autumn, of Winter

burnished leaves and snowy landscapes 

my favourite haunts

books and fires and sweaters and long walks 

my pleasures.

I am the pale girl

with hair the brown of a sable coat

soft and rich and full of depth.

But it is when its copper threads catch the sun


that you get a hint of 

the fiery and passionate nature

oft hidden 

revealed to very few

known only to one



Photograph taken by SirenSong1208


Too long


It has been too long

since I’ve felt the sea salt breeze upon my face

and skittering through my long, dark hair.

It has been too long

since I’ve tasted the tang of the ocean

upon my tongue

and felt the surf rushing up against my legs.

It has been too long

since I’ve been by the sea.

My soul is aching for it.

My need fierce. 

Such is how it is with me.

A girl with the ocean running through her veins

cannot be without it for long. 

And it has been years. 

I am wilting amid this landlocked life. 

At times undone by it

and searching for another breath,

breaths easily taken

were I to be by the sea.

My need for sea and silence growing

every year

as I change

and evolve

into more me

than I’ve ever been.

The girl with the sea 

in her soul.



Image taken from White Noten


I am your anchor…


Click here for audio

I am your anchor

In rough seas

I am the calming words and embrace

Which soothe you after a nightmare

I am the sunshine that warms you

On the dark and cold days

That chill you to the bone

I am the words

That you bleed out onto the paper

A vision ensconced in your thoughts

I am the dancer

That delights and excites you

In your dreams

Which linger into the morning

I am the fingers, lips and tongue

Which make a study of you

And map you

For my pleasure

I am the arms

Which hold you close

And the lips that fit to yours


I am the body

That aches for your touch

I am friend, muse, lover

I am all things

To you


A repost from last year simply because it was special to me and I’ve now added audio.


Photograph taken from Pinterest




I am rapture

at your fingertips

and beneath your tongue.

I am the scent 

that makes you dizzy with desire.

I am the taste

that you cannot get enough of

the one that makes you ravenous

again and again

always wanting

another taste.

I am the skin and curves

that haunt your dreams

prompting your imagination

to soar

to heights it has never reached before.

I am the soul

that yours hungers for.

A connection

conceived with promise


by constancy.

I am a rhapsody of delights



to you…



Photograph taken from Pinterest


I will not crumble


I will not crumble

There will be no crash

I am steel

Encased in satin

Chromatic lines


Not breaking

An ever-changing

Colour wheel

Of desire



Artwork by Nelina Trubach-Moshnikova