Siren Whispers

Siren Song


New ones


They will go without me, to this place I grew to love. Rugged and wild, it spoke to my deep-seated need to be by the sea; to feel her power and her fury, watching her in awe from a distance.

My children will hike to the top of Bray Head and sit and marvel at the Irish Sea, knowing I am across the water looking back at them from my own perch. But I will miss that hike, through the woods, cool and dark but dappled with occasional sunlight. Eventually we’d make our way out into the open, looking down at the town and looking up to see the cross at the very top of the mountain. A place of pilgrimage.

These memories are vivid, stacked upon each other from each year we created them. A tradition. Each visit different and yet the same. The path was well-worn and my feet knew every inch of it. I never looked down to see where I was going, my eyes were far too busy looking around me to see if anything had changed; drinking in the view as if it were the last time. Two years ago it was. I knew it then and every moment was bittersweet. I devoured those days and I hold them close now. I might return, but not in the same way. This year I will not sit high atop that mountain with the sea hundreds of feet below me. Draped in blessed silence and reverence. White tipped waves rushing over the blue green like horses. I will not take the path along the cliff walk to Greystones, my heart swelling with every step as I am bracketed by the sea to my left and verdant hills alive with gorse on my right.

I will not make those memories this year. I will make new ones. My own.


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Scent of forever



Ireland, June 2016

Though I am captivated by it’s rolling hills

verdant knolls in varied shades of luxuriant green

where there is history under every footfall

it is the sound of the ocean’s crash beyond me

and the scent of forever on the wind

that enthrals me

that rejuvenates my soul

and I exhale with longing

to always be this close

to my beloved sea.



Photographs taken by SirenSong1208


My restless spirit

Ireland, June 2016

My heart will be heavy

when I leave the sea.

As I get older

the need for this renewal

is keen.

My longing 


My restless spirit

always finding its home

amid the waves.



Photograph taken by SirenSong1208


The cliffs

IMG_5843  IMG_2074

Ireland, 2014

She walked the cliffs

High above the sea.

The path covered in the verdant green of summer

Dotted with gorse and heather

Ancient stones alluding to another life

Another world.

She inhaled the salty air

Letting it fill her lungs

And let the sound of waves against rock

Fill her ears.

The smells and sounds

Affecting her like no other.

She sat and surveyed the infinite expanse of blue-green in front of her

Watching as the white tipped waves raced toward the shore.

He was in her mind as she sat there

At what felt like the top of the world

Feet dangling over the side

Silent in all but thought

Watching the surf dance and froth.

She wished he was there

To join her in this quiet veneration

Of the sea.

She longed to sit close to him

Thigh to thigh

Her head upon his shoulder

His arm pulling her close

Into his side.

Absorbing the light, the sounds, the smells


For with this kinship that they feel

With the sea

Words are not needed

When souls speak.

Photographs taken by sirensong1208

**This is meant to be a companion piece to my most recently re blogged “I will see you”…


Bray Head

IMG_5847 IMG_5843 IMG_4030 IMG_2074

Bray Head, Ireland

A hike to the top of the world

Or so it seemed

Blue green expanse of sea spread out before me

I sat on the rocky hillside and enjoyed the silence

The vastness

How small I felt

But how thrilled to be so close

Sitting at the edge

Looking down at the rocks and swirling water below

I knew if I moved the wrong way

I could fall

But I moved ever closer to the edge

Wanting, somehow

To be part of it all

Not just a spectator

To become the element


Photos taken by sirensong1208


Powerscourt Waterfall

Powerscourt Waterfall, County Wicklow, Ireland

Height is 121 metres and it is the highest waterfall in Ireland

Photos by sirensong1208