Siren Whispers

Siren Song


Sea salt awareness


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I don’t want placid.

A lake without ripples, 

a sea without waves.

I want to feel the violence 

of being alive.

That sea salt awareness

the sting

the bite

ice cold to my senses

leaving me with an exhilaration

never known.

I want to be stirred

to my depths.

As his teeth meets my flesh

and sinks into the heart of me

finding me

tasting me

all of me.

Hungry for what he knows I keep

hidden below the surface,

that which has never seen the light of day.

A complexity that feeds

his curiosity

his desires

as he maps me

to understand me.

To help me

understand myself.

From East to West

and all of the miles

in between.


Copyright ©SirenSong1208

All rights reserved.

Photograph taken from Tumblr, unsourced.



I would devour every moment

With gusto

Wiping my hand across my mouth

Like a heathen

My eyes bright

With sublime satisfaction

Ready for more

I don’t care if it’s sloppy

Without eloquence

I want to partake

In all manner


Or not

This feral need

Bursting at the seams

A blistering anticipation

For my senses


Copyright ©SirenSong1208

All rights reserved.

Photograph taken from Tumblr, unsourced




I am not a rose on parade

for your viewing pleasure

a treasure to be kept

under lock and key.

I am meant to be touched

softness under your fingertips

curves to be mapped

a scent to be savoured

a mind to be explored


I am not delicate.

I am lush and vivid

with a colour that lasts longer

than first blush.

I will not wilt without the sun.

I will not thirst without the rain.

I will flourish

again and again

through each weathering storm,

a rose

in winter.


Copyright ©SirenSong1208

All rights reserved.

Photograph taken from Tumblr, unsourced


Shadow garden

There was created

within her

a shadow garden

where sunlight never fell

and all that bloomed

was what was never wanted.

She kept each blossom close,

nurturing them with cold fingers

starved of the warmth

they once knew,

reaping beauty with every sadness,

succouring them

with her tears.


Copyright ©SirenSong1208

All rights reserved.

Artwork by Leslie Ann O’Dell


Betwixt and between


I find you

betwixt and between my thoughts, 

a marker in a book I wish to remember.

My eyes

lingering upon our page

as murmurs,

sweet upon my tongue,

become an invocation

of memory

without fail.


Copyright ©SirenSong1208

All rights reserved.

Photograph taken from Pinterest, unsourced


Warp and weft


moment by moment

warp and weft

strong and aligned

when pushed and pulled

by elements out of their control

there was no unraveling

but threads that became more tightly



Copyright ©SirenSong1208

All rights reserved.

Photograph taken by SirenSong1208



A beginning

A beginning

as delicate as a snowflake

in the winter sky

or morning mist

upon a tranquil lake.

We wait to see the shape it takes, 

rising quickly

and evaporating

as the sun burns it away,

or beginning slowly

settling over the water

opaque to the eye

as depth is created


a calmness as it wraps around us

with stillness

and beauty.


Copyright ©SirenSong1208

All rights reserved.

Photograph by Paul Jolicoeur via 500px