Siren Whispers

Siren Song

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Pale perfection


New fallen snow

and memories

of a dark-tressed girl

falling upon him

like snowflakes

melting the cold

with his heat

as he remembers

the pale perfection

of her blushing




Photograph taken from Pinterest


Winter goddess

He dreams of pure white flakes

in the dark storm of her hair.

Of laughing eyes

and cheeks pink from the cold.


He dreams of peeling off her clothes

and of laying her down

in the snow.

Of watching her shiver

before running his finger down the length of her

her eyes locked upon his

her body arching to his fingers

before covering her shivering body

with his heat

with his hands

with his mouth.


He dreams of her

his winter goddess.



Photograph by Esmahan Ozkan



Winter moon


The winter moon is high in the sky

beautiful and alone

majestically ruling the night.

I am still and silent in the warm nest of my bed.

Bare skin gilded by moonlight.

My breathing no longer steady

and calm

as I’ve been thinking of you.

The snow is falling

creating a winter wonderland outside of my window.

The world is blanketed in white

while stark trees

become silent sentries to the dark.

Snow drifts conjure up memories.

A lady in snow

skin as pale and as cold as marble

yet burning with a fire inside.

A time of yearning and anticipation

of rising passions and intense bonds.

A time when anything and everything

seemed possible

and I had the world at my fingertips.

I had you

and you had me.


*This piece has been sitting in my drafts since winter. With the heat of summer in full bloom I sometimes long for the cool kiss of a snowflake upon my cheek.


Photograph by Chi Yan for Yume; Model: Sabrina




Winter’s tenderness


Winter’s tenderness

can be felt in the kiss

of a newborn snowflake

alighting gently upon your cheek.

Or the way that dawn’s blush

is splayed across the land.

The pink softening the white brilliance

of new fallen snow.



Photograph taken from Pinterest


I Find You


I find you

I find you in the curve and the wisp of the clouds above

Juxtaposed against perfect blue and sunshine

Ever changing

Ever fascinating.


I find you in the winter landscape

From the fragile snowflakes dancing upon the air

To the heavy snowfall that blankets the ground

When the snow beckons with its pure smile

And remembrances of snow and pink skin

Haunt me.


I find you in the sea

In the waves that crash against the rocks

Time after time

To the tide that rises and travels to kiss the shore

Enveloping completely before it recedes.


I find you in those early morning hours

When I wake with your name upon my lips

And my heart aches with want

And yet a smile finds my lips

As I think of yours.


I find you in the silence of the night

As my garden is consumed by inky darkness

As nature settles into sleep and I let the cares of the day


I look at the moon

Remembering when I gifted it to you

Imagining it’s ethereal fingers caressing you

In your sleep

And wishing that they were mine.


I find you everywhere

Photograph taken from WhiteNoten


A Winter Wonderland








The snow came in great gusts

Ten inches, twelve, twenty four

Creating a purified landscape

Virginal in appearance

The wind creating immense snow drifts

It was beautiful as it fell

So soft and delicate

Each snowflake kissing my face

Like a lover


In its first pure day

Nestles atop tree branches

Creating a striking picture post card

Of a perfect winter scene

This is possibly my favorite part of snow

How it delineates the beauty in the curve of a bare limb

The brown of the branches juxtaposed with the stark white

Of the new fallen snow

Looking upward through the maze of branches

To gaze upon the winter sky

Pearlescent grey

No sun to be found

A hint that there was much more to come

That Mother Nature was not yet finished

The garden in winter is a pleasure to behold

The snow revealing everything

Suddenly trees and shrubbery

Comfortable in their hibernation

Are given substance

The snow taking the place of leaves 

Apples that should have long since fallen

Hang desperately to branches

Now, with a generous dollop of the white stuff

Looking suspiciously like ice cream 

The lonely swing

Echoes of summer fading fast

Finally given the weight of a presence

I can almost picture it

Moving to and fro

Snowy legs kicking back and forth


The garden was in hibernation

For the winter

But with this snow…

It has roared back to life

Photos taken by sirensong1208

February 2015


A Winter Wonderland


It was a winter wonderland

The pure white snow

Falling softly around them

As though in a snowglobe

Snowflakes in her hair

Making her

His snow queen

Photo taken from Pinterest