Siren Whispers

Siren Song

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The bluffs


I run along the bluffs

laughing, looking back at you.

The wind rushes through my hair

and tugs at my clothes.

Your look is determined

as you close the distance.

The sea rolls and crashes just beyond my steps.

I am intoxicated by the scent

the power I sense

making me wild

making me bold.

The adrenaline is pumping through my veins

my nearness to you

pushing me into overdrive.

You catch me

we tumble to the ground

your mouth finding mine.

I close my eyes

losing myself

in how you feel

in how you taste.

I arch my body to yours

desperate to get closer

as you press your body to mine.

I feel you


wanting me.

The kiss gathers heat

breaths and tongues mingled, tangled

a delicious union.

You start to peel my clothes from my body


oh so slowly

as your mouth marks mine

as favoured territory.

My mind is saturated with you

and this mindless need

echoed in the way you fit your body to mine.

Our clothes litter the ground

and my skin meets yours in a sensuous dance

you slip into me

the moment sublime

as the setting sun

slides into the sea.


©SirenSong1208 ~ 2016

Source:  White Noten



How the night moves


She loves how the night moves

How it curls itself

Around her

Softly caressing

The inky, velvety black darkness

So still

So quiet

Whisper soft

Allowing her thoughts

To rove and ramble

To be free

To breathe


*Written two years ago but I still adore the night, and how it moves.


Photo taken from WhiteNoten


Thrill her


The descriptions he gives thrill her

They make her ache with yearning.

Her head spins with possibilities and scenarios

None of which

She is sure

Would be exact.

Desire coils within her sex

Radiating outward to encompass her limbs

Her buttocks

Her breasts.

Every inch of skin tingles

She is intensely aware of him

Of all that he might do

Of all that she wants him to do.

The more she thinks about it

The greater the desire rages

Her breath hitches and she realizes

That she has been holding it

As she let scene after scene run through her mind

On a continuous loop.

She finds that nothing staunches 

The want

The need

The ache

She knows that nothing will

But him.



Photo taken from Pinterest

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Labyrinth of Beauty

I adore this…

Midwest Fantasy Writes

via Daily Prompt: Pattern



beyond his comprehension

subtle complexity

tangled emotions

labyrinth of thoughts

all wrapped in beauty

woman in every manner

too complicated to understand

too exquisite not to love




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In the blink of an eye


Where does the time go?

It flies as though it has wings. 

16 years have come and gone.  Milestones have been achieved, mountains have been scaled and conquered.

And yet, as a parent it is those first moments of meeting that seem to have carved themselves into my memory, and into my heart. 


Sweet and spirited and smart as a whip, even from those first moments, I could not believe that I had created such a creature.  I felt incredibly blessed.  I still do.

This child, the multi-voweled one friends would call her, her Irish name unusual for this part of the world, she stole my heart the moment she looked at me.  She knew me as I knew her.  Nine months of her hearing my voice, of my feeling her kicks.  Of her knowing my heart beat as her lullaby. 

They never really tell you that when you become a parent that your heart will be forever outside of your chest.  That you will never view the world in the same way.  That your first priority, indeed your only priority, will be to make sure that the world is a better place for that child.  It changes you. 

I now look ahead to the last years before university, before she ventures out into the world on her own.  I see all of the changes, all of the lessons, the joy, the heartbreak, and I hope that I have given her the tools to forge a brave future for herself.  One that will bring her happiness and fulfilment. 

This past year has been challenging and I have never been more proud to say that I am her parent as I have been watching her navigate complicated choices that would have levelled others.  I don’t know what the future holds for her, but after watching the graceful and brave way she has conducted herself this past year, I know that she can handle anything.  She has always marched to the beat of her own drum and I know that that will never change.  She is fearless, even if she doesn’t think she is, and I am in awe of her. 

So to my beautiful first born I say Happy Sixteenth Birthday Sweets.  I’m so proud of you.  I love you beyond measure.



Photographs personally owned by Sirensong1208







I taste the unknown

in your kiss

and it conveys me to places

I can only imagine. 

Fueling my hunger

and curiosity

to know more

always more.

A boundless need.




Photograph taken from Tumblr



The quiet one


The room is low lit and hums with a dozen conversations.

Sitting amidst the noisy chatter of friends, she is the quiet one.  Watching and listening, she takes it all in.

The opening notes of a song begin to play and her eyes light up.

It’s her song.

She jumps to her feet and heads to the dance floor, oblivious to others. 

This girl, alone on the dance floor, loses herself in the music.  She’s in her own world. 

Her long skirt brushes her calves as her hips sway.  As she closes her eyes her head falls back.  With her arms extended above her, curved gracefully, she becomes the song.

She is a pale skinned girl with short dark hair, a long errant strand curling along her bare neck.  Her slender body moves with feeling, the lyrics resonating deeply within her.

She has no idea of the picture she paints to those who watch.  The vision presented to someone like you.

Watching from a table in the back.

Watching as she dances alone.




Feeling every note of music in every part of her.

You watch her, transfixed, a smile touching your lips.

You see the creature beneath the modest clothes and the young, innocent face.

You see me.

The me that I do not know.

The me that you will know.

As I lose myself in that moment.

As I lose myself in the music.

As I lose myself

in being me.


‘How Soon Is Now?’ written and performed © The Smiths

Words on this blog post ©SirenSong1208

Photograph is of the French actress Audrey Tautou. For several reasons she, and this picture, perfectly illustrated this post. The photo was taken by Ralph Wenig in 2013.