Siren Whispers

Siren Song




We always remember our firsts.

Whether it is our first love

Or our first heartbreak.

But there are other firsts

That, while not so emotionally charged,

Lodge themselves in our memories

Causing our faces to be wreathed in smiles

As we revisit and reflect.

I have such memories.

My first trip overseas is one that comes to mind.

Perhaps it’s because there were so many firsts

Within that trip.

My first transatlantic flight

My first taste of salmon

My first taste of duck (apologies, I do love food)

My first glimpses

Of London,

Of Dublin,

Of Wales.

My first castle.

This first trip of mine

Sated a hunger I had always had for travel.

To see other places

To experience other cultures

To know things I didn’t already know.

To see for myself

Places and things

I had only read about.

Even today

Having lived abroad and travelled much,

I still think of that trip and smile.

How exciting it was for me.

How exciting it still is

To go abroad

And, if only for awhile,

To feed this hunger that I have

And lose myself

In another world.

Conwy Castle, Wales; Circa 1994

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pic 4

Llandudno, Wales; Circa 1994

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All photos taken by sirensong1208