Siren Whispers

Siren Song




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It is the tease

the slide of lace.

A moment of urgency

as fingers

as tongue

find the waiting ache

her thighs

wet and trembling with arousal

as his mouth moves

from knee

to thigh

to exactly where she needs him.

Bare to his gaze

his tongue hungry

he takes all she has to give

becoming the feast

that never ends.



Photograph taken from Tumblr





your fingers

your lips

your tongue

fulfil the promise

in your words.

Assuage the ache

crafted hour upon hour

that permeates me

from skin to soul.

That makes me 


with your wild.



Photograph taken from the internet. Original provenance unknown.


Sunday confessions, toi


I was the sweetest,

the most innocent bad girl

he ever created.

Especially on Sunday.


Sinful Sunday.

Soft white skin

and pure white ribbon.

A sensuous tether

to wicked thoughts

and desires

pulled tight by him.

Making me wet and wild.


A Sunday prayer.

A single wish

whispered from my lips

that was

purity and sin



I am

A body trembling with sinful wants

and a soul aching with innocent need.


I sit upon the church pew

modest in dress and demeanour


by the secrets and sins

that dance within every line

of the poetry I am composing

in my head.


You are deeper than skin

greater than sin

absolution is mine

as you touch all the parts of me

that ache for you.




Photograph taken from Pinterest






A storm rages within her.

It is the color of a wind tossed sea.

Blues and greens and greys

churned together.

 A fervid 

and violent ache

that seems to shout to the heavens

and yet 

the thunder in her heart

is softly expressed

a gentle whisper

that only he

can hear.



Photograph taken from Tumblr



Untold Delights


Within the space 

Of your words

I find untold delights

Your verse

Shakes me to the core

You tease me


Keeping me 

On edge

Wanting you

Making me ache

With an abandon

I am unfamiliar with

Photo taken from Pinterest


His Name On Her Lips


The candles flicker

The music is on low

She settles her body beneath the bubbles

Raspberry colored toes peeping through

Steam wafting up from the bath

Her hair is piled high on top of her head

A few brown tendrils escaping

She lets the water lap over her

Luxuriating in the feel

Imagining his hands

Her mind filled with him

And all that he has promised

She closes her eyes and lets her hands roam

Each leg lifted and smoothed

Water droplets and suds running down the length of her pale limbs

Her skin is starting to pink from the heat

Just the way he likes

Her hands cup her breasts

Finding the nipples already hard beneath her palms

She teases them

Strokes them

Arching her back in her arousal

Sighing as she imagines his mouth and fingers on them

Her hands travel

Down across her flat tummy to the smooth curve of her hips

Her legs fall open

Her caresses get stronger, less gentle

More precise

Touching her

Her hands his proxy

Claiming what is his

Doing what he would be doing

If he were there

Like she wishes he was

Making her tremble

Making her ache

Making her scream

His name

On her lips

Photo taken from Pinterest

Music borrowed from YouTube:  “Meant” by Elizaveta



Through Your Eyes


Your words

The ones that make me

Sigh and tremble

Burn and ache

Are also the ones

That helped me to see myself

Through your eyes

Through them I saw

The woman

The goddess

Hidden within

Needing to be freed

From the chains of convention

Needing to be allowed

To embrace

My natural sensuality

The woman finally at home

In her own skin

And loving it

Photo taken from Pinterest