Siren Whispers

Siren Song




She is

Beautifully secure

Bound up in his adoration

The twists and knots


Against her skin



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Voluptuous torch


A quivering rose

in shimmering satin and lace.

An unequivocal hedonistic delight

that makes him catch his breath.

His desire for her

more than corporeal.

His soul touched.

His darkness

suffused with her light.

A voluptuous torch

illuminating his way

once more into her arms.

The softest whisper from her

bringing a smile to his face

and a sigh to his lips.

Her words of adoration and devotion

making him glow with pride

wrapping around him

holding him close

to her.



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If You Dare



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She Dresses For Him


She dresses for him

With care.

From skin to stockings.

Every moment she spends

Is imbued with thought

With her desire for him

With her desire to please him

To make him want her

Beyond measure.

She clothes her naked skin

With scent.

From the lotion she smooths along her arms, legs, belly, and breasts

To ensure she feels supple against his fingers

To the perfume she will dot on her pulse points

Her natural heat giving strength to it

Mixing it with her own natural fragrance.

There is the lingerie that adorns her curves

Lacy and sexy

Subtle and elegant

Completely her.

The brassiere that delightfully cups her sweet breasts

Covering and revealing all at once

Her nipples hard against the lace

Aching to be touched.

The panties

Dipping low on her hips

Her sex a beckoning shadow beneath the lace.

This ensemble completed by the enticing concoction

Of garters holding up her stockings

Encircling her waist as his hands will

Delectably denoting her curves and lines.

Her lace top stockings

Are silk against satin

Encasing her long limbs.

Completing her look are her high heels

Adding a roll to her hips as she walks

They make her feel sensual with every step.

She dresses for him

Anxious to see his reaction

Excited to be the recipient

Of his hungry gaze.

Knowing that his hunger

Matches her own.

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An Enigma


An enigma wrapped in a mystery

He captured her interest with one word

And proceeded to enslave her

With his adoration and instruction

His words became her bible

A neophyte to his dark religion

Prepared to be a sacrifice

On his altar of pleasure and pain

He was her addiction

And he sealed her fate with one word


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A Desire Burning Brightly


A desire burning brightly

Woven deeply into the fabric

Of her soul

She yearns for…

His instruction

His guidance

His adoration

She yearns

For him

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