Siren Whispers

Siren Song




She tries to move but cannot.

Her arms are above her head, bound.

She can feel the warmth of her skin on either side of her face.

She can smell the faint aroma of her perfume.

Along with this fragrance is the scent of her arousal

becoming stronger

as she waits.

The blindfold lets in no light.

She does not know where he is

or what he will do first.

But she knows,

oh yes she knows,

that he will do what he wants

when he wants.

 She tries again.

Giving a small tug on her wrists.

Checking the restraints.

Cuffed and roped to the bed frame

the slip slide of rope against metal



She sighs and stops.

She stretches her body

feeling the sheets under her

her skin sensitive to any touch.

She is alert for any sign of him

her body vibrating with anticipation.

Knowing she is his instrument for the day

and like any musician

he will play her over and over again




He will make her sing

in her purest voice.

Her song.

For him.

Only him.


He’s still and silent.

Watching her.

Watching her face

as emotions, reactions flit across her features.

Wondering at her thoughts.

He’s restrained only her arms

wanting her legs free.

He watches as she tugs at the cuffs

smiling slightly as he knows they are secure

and her efforts are in vain.

Thinking of his plans for the day.

He observes her body.

Long, soft, supple naked skin

breathtaking curves

her nipples eager and erect

begging to be




Her sex

deliciously wet.

Of that he is sure.

He hears her sigh

and gazes at her as she stretches

her chest rising off of the bed

followed by the undulation of belly and hips

her legs lengthening

her toes pointed.

He likes to watch her stretch.

She’s like a cat

and he’s getting ready to make her purr.


A favourite post from last year but felt it was time to let it stretch again.


Photograph taken from Tumblr


Feverishly consumed…revisited


I breathe you in

Intoxicated by your scent

The feel of your muscle

Under skin

The subtle reaction to my fingertips

I cannot touch you enough

The sounds you make

In the back of your throat

The hungry arousal

Makes me wet with my own hunger

I delay the moment I taste you

Anticipation great

Knowing once I feel you

Once I taste you



My mouth will forever crave you

I relish your hand in my hair

Gently pushing my head closer

In control

But not

How you stagger a bit

As my mouth engulfs you

Takes you



It’s hot and wet

My own sounds dancing with yours

A sexual symphony

My hunger increases

I can’t get enough of you

My hands working in synchronicity with my mouth and tongue

Feverishly consumed

By consuming you


*Not a new post but I thought I’d revisit and share with new readers. Begging the indulgence of older readers.


Photograph taken from My Eyes Are Full




A lazy summer day.

The sound of the surf rushing the sand

gulls squawking

and the sun beginning to sink upon the horizon

its brilliant colours spectacular in the sky.

Your touch upon me is soft but burning.

It ignites my desire

as your touches always do.

Your finger trails the length of my body

from shoulder to knee

and back.

I shiver in delight.

You finger the strings on my bathing suit

idly toying with them

watching me

as you do.

I hold my breath in anticipation.

You lean over me

kissing my forehead

my cheeks

my lips.

And then

very slowly

so slowly I think I will go out of my mind

you peel away my bathing suit

tawny skin giving way to alabaster

and find me pale and trembling

underneath your fingers.



Photograph taken from Vogue


It is


It is

the way that her body reacts

to the mere hint of his presence

how her body knows him

though she’s never touched him


It is

the quickening of her pulse

the hard, urgent nipples

straining for his touch

as she arches her back

and clenches her thighs

desperately seeking relief

relief that she knows will only come

from his hands


It is

every single fantasy she has ever held

within herself

embellished with details

that only they know

a secret sin



It is

how she loses herself again and again in him

concupiscence dripping from every pore

and the wicked delight she takes in knowing

her effect upon him


It is

the exquisite anticipation

of that first kiss

and the searing prospect

of his skin

upon hers


It is

longing and desire

it is

a wildfire

it is




Photograph taken from Pinterest



A slow build



There is something to be said

for waiting

for savouring the moments that lead to that

singular moment.

It is the heightened response

you cannot help but be infused with.


again and again

eliciting a craving

for more and more.

A feeling of almost being out of control

a spiralling upward

that creates a delicious tension

upon your skin

as though you are a violin string

strung tight.



and left vibrating.

Your note

singing out

desperately yearning

for the notes

that follow…



Photograph taken from Tumblr





There is a pleasure to be had

in waiting upon the shore

for the tide to arrive.

To rush the beach

in a fury

in a passionate arrival.


It is the pleasure to be had

in anticipation

that arouses my spirit

which makes me feel alive

as I ponder the depths of my soul.

The desires that lay beneath my skin

those that I cannot imagine

but which I want him to unveil.


I hunger to swim within the depths

to go deeper and deeper

my breath becoming harder to catch

frightening and thrilling

all at once.

Never knowing what I will find

as the light recedes and darkness engulfs me

but knowing that whatever it is

I will forever be changed.

I will be


and dark

and wild.


Like the sea.



Photograph taken from Pinterest


As I do the sea…


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I worship you

As I do the sea.


And respecting your control.

How you hold back

Just enough

Pushing me to the brink

Building the desire

Making me ache.

Before you engulf me

In a passionate embrace

Of words.

In much the same way

That the sea teases the shoreline

Before the tide rushes in.


I worship you

As I do the sea.

Adoring the fierce way

You make me breathless

By saturating my senses.

Every neuron firing

Every perception


Anticipation for your every move

Exciting me

Beyond measure.

Whether it’s the rapid way you encompass me

Making me feel you


 Or the way you tenderly take your leave.

Your touch lingering

Until you return.


I worship you

As I do the sea.

For the sea touches my soul

Like no other.

And like the sea

From our first moments

I was interested, excited, enthralled.

Seduced by all that you were

And the possibility of all that you could be.

It was then

That you made me yours.




Swept away into your sea.

Our bond

Fathoms deep.


*This is not a new piece but it is one of my favourites. I beg the reader’s indulgence for the reposting.


Photograph taken from BlackSwanDive