Siren Whispers

Siren Song


Dusk speaks


Dusk speaks to me,

silent whispers

capturing my attention

like a finger dragged along

the spine.

My senses sharpen

as quiet takes precedence

over the lush

sounds of day.

Unbound and free

my mind becomes loud,

though I say not a word.

My fingers run

over the page

bringing forth

what lurks beneath

the placid surface,

with nary a ripple

to be seen until twilight

embraced me

and made me

her own.


Copyright © SirenSong1208

All rights reserved.

Photograph taken by SirenSong1208


Library boy


Once upon a time things were simpler.


Life is different now.


I think of you and an image forms in my mind.

Library boy.

You would have been that boy alone at the library table.

A stack of carefully chosen books in front of him.

I would have noticed you from across the room,

my own stack of carefully chosen books in a semicircle before me.

A fortress to hide behind.

A way to see without being seen.

I would lose myself in the silence that was the rule and which I breathed in with great

greedy gulps.

I would have noticed you in much the same way you become aware of the other lone

person in a cinema.

Watching a last run film and laughing at the same parts.


I would have been shy, never speaking to you or making eye contact,

but wanting so much to talk to you

to get your attention.

I would have made trips to the stacks, ostensibly to find a book, though I clearly had

enough to occupy me.

I would have felt you watching me as I walked past you to use the card catalog.

You aware of me.

Me aware of you.

With every step.

Feeling your interest as I shuffled through the cards.

Not reading them.

Not even seeing them.

My face flushed.

My heart thumping out of my chest.

Willing this solitary boy to be as interested in me

as I was in him.


Copyright ©SirenSong1208

All rights reserved.

Photograph taken from Pinterest, unsourced


Flowering beauty


Every thought

a seed planted,

watered with attention,

becoming the flowering beauty

of words spread across the page.

Giving colour and image

vibrancy and warmth

to the pristine façade

of an otherwise

monochromatic life.




Photograph taken from the internet, original provenance unknown.

If it is yours please let me know and I will remove or credit.


The Grip of His Knowledge


She was in the grip of his knowledge

From the start

It took her by surprise

This pull he had on her

But it was more…

Unexpectedly she had found herself

With him

Identified blazing need

Heretofore undiscovered

As days became months 

She found herself soaking up what he was teaching

Like a sponge

Never getting enough

He fed her need to please 

To do for him

The careful attention to every detail

To every molecule of her being

His knowledge of her

Helped her to know


Photo taken from Pinterest