Siren Whispers

Siren Song


A low growl

It was unexpected

and anonymous,

but anything but quiet,

as it arrived with a low growl

that reverberated against my ribs…

like a prisoner banging a cup against bars

or a storm descending with ferocity.

My mind raced with fervent thoughts,

my pulse sprinting toward some unknown finish line,

until I was breathless with the endeavour,

my skin flushed with an awareness

as the seams of my composure


one stitch

at a time.


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All rights reserved.

Photograph taken by SirenSong1208

*Apologies for the poor quality of the photograph.


Before the rush


She cannot remember a time

before the rush

of him.

Before he invaded her thoughts


Before her body became a temple

for him to worship at.

She cannot remember a time

before the wanting of him.

Before her awareness began.

Before her body reacted

to a single word

from him.


*First posted two years ago when I had far fewer followers. I hope that new and old alike enjoy the reposting.


Photograph taken from Pinterest


I feel you


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I feel you.

Just out of reach.

I close my eyes to focus

and you are here with me.

A tingle of awareness and a sharp quiver 

runs along my spine and lodges within my core.

Arousing me.


Do you know? Can you tell?

Do you feel that catch in my breath…

as I think of you

my nipples hardening as I think of your touch

of your breath upon them 

a moment before your lips

before your tongue

tastes them.

Never have they known such blissful awakening.

Does your breath catch as you think of touching me that way?

Does the line of your trousers change?

Does it tighten, imperceptibly

noticeable to no one

but you?

Do you close your own eyes

thinking of me

smiling wickedly

as you play that film reel in your head




layer after layer 

stripped away

leaving me bare 

to your hungry gaze,

knowing my gaze

upon you

was just 

as ravenous?


A repost, this time with audio.


Photograph taken by SirenSong1208




It is a sizzling of awareness

under the skin

a fever burning through our veins

and desire as succulent

and juicy

as a ripe peach.


it is also regard

and affection

as pure and brilliant

as newly fallen snow.



Artwork by Steve Hanks


The swells of my imagination


I navigate the swells of my imagination

anticipating each wave

with an unsullied perspective

allowing the current to guide me

to lead me where it will

confident in my reflections

secure in my awareness

lost and found in the depths of who I am


Photograph taken from White Noten

Created in relation to the following quote:

“A mind

Forever voyaging through strange seas of

Thought, alone.”

~ William Wordsworth




Waterfall Of Words


She is showered

By your waterfall of words

Drenched to the skin

By the delicious thoughts they cause

Bewitched by the feel of them

As each drop that falls

Makes her tingle

With awareness

With desire

With the need

With the want

For more

Photo taken from Pinterest


Before The Rush


She cannot remember a time

Before the rush

Of him

Before he invaded her thoughts


Before her body became a temple

For him to worship at

She cannot remember a time

Before the wanting of him

Before her awareness began

Before her body reacted

To a single word

From him

Photo taken from Pinterest