Siren Whispers

Siren Song


A beginning

A beginning

as delicate as a snowflake

in the winter sky

or morning mist

upon a tranquil lake.

We wait to see the shape it takes, 

rising quickly

and evaporating

as the sun burns it away,

or beginning slowly

settling over the water

opaque to the eye

as depth is created


a calmness as it wraps around us

with stillness

and beauty.


Copyright ©SirenSong1208

All rights reserved.

Photograph by Paul Jolicoeur via 500px

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The time spreads before me,

shining and restless.

I count the days left in my head,

my smile widening as I think of the plans I’ve made.

My adventure.

Will she be everything I anticipate,

the smells,

the sounds,

that my soul hungers for?

I think she will.

She waits for me,

eager to embrace me once again.

It’s been too long since I’ve felt her touch,

heard her voice,

and been reduced to silence by her beauty.

Each day will be rendered with a luster

I cannot find elsewhere

and which I will carry with me when I leave,

leaving a part of myself

on her shores.


Copyright © SirenSong1208

All rights reserved.

Photograph taken by SirenSong1208



He knows her


He knows her

by her eyes

a clear gaze that sees right to his soul.

He knows her

by the soft persuasion of her smile

as it lifts

from corner to corner

her eyes joining in

with a twinkle

leading his own to grace his face.

He knows her

by her quiet intelligence

and irreverent sense of humor

the way that she makes him laugh

the way that she makes him think.

He knows her

by her breathtaking curves

and girl next door appeal

a siren under wraps

discovered as he peeled away

layer after layer

allowing her to bloom

under his care.

He knows her

by her gentle soul

that believes the best of others

by the light he finds within her

that warms him on his coldest days

and by the way she finds beauty

in everyday.

He knows her

as she knows him

but they have barely begun

to know.


*This is not new but remains true.


Photograph taken from PerfectlyPersuasive




I linger in his shadow

entranced by his dark song

staggering in its beauty


in its seduction

and which beckons

to my soul

and the midnight

that he knows

prowls within.



Photograph taken by Jose Miguel

Model: Lauren Nicholas


Each picture is an offering


She sees further than the image in front of her lens.

She sees possibility.

She sees beauty.

She sees desire.

But mainly

when she peers through the lens of her camera 

she sees him.

His eyes

watching her.

His smile

in delight.

Each picture is an offering.


I posted this last year but the sentiment remains relevant and true.


Photograph taken from Tumblr

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Like the tide


Oregon, circa 2003

There is not the same newness to it

and yet,

it is new

though tarnished in spots.

But those imperfections add to its beauty.

The steadfastness

the constancy,

it is strong

it abides.

But it doesn’t just exist

it quietly grows,

it flourishes

like a bloom in the sun

a flame burning brighter


a bond strong enough to bend

not break

over time.

Ebbing and flowing

like the tide.


7 10 16


Photograph taken by SirenSong1208

*I apologise for the clarity of the capture. This was pre-digital for me.





Every curve

every line

every inch of skin

he called his.

A love letter

to his senses.

An enticement

to be consumed

by her beauty.



Artwork by Eric Wallis



Dancing with promise


Dancing with promise

shimmering moments occur

in dizzying succession

Like the tide rushing in

sun sparkling atop the waves

 A sea of diamonds

amid white tipped surf

They make me catch my breath

for their beauty

takes me unawares

each time

and sweeps me away



Artwork by Steve Hanks



I look

not for a teacher

as we would learn together

but rather

a conservator. 

One who would remove my layers



Studying every inch

as he progressed.

Taking pleasure in his work.


the beauty

the truth

hidden beneath



Artwork by Tatiana Siedlova


Luminous twilight


Within this luminous twilight

I find the first stars.

Twinkling with luster and boldness

kissing the evening sky with their light.

I am bewitched by the poetry I find in their scattered beauty

a golden missive written across blue velvet.

I sigh with delight at this gift from the heavens

as my face is kissed with a breeze

that feels like a lover’s lips

the night falling softly

about my shoulders.



Photograph taken from Tumblr