Siren Whispers

Siren Song




She reads the words

and is glad that she is alone.

A blush suffuses her face and neck

her nipples are hard and urgent

beneath the silk that covers them.

She bites her lip

her toes curl involuntarily with desire.

She feels a tremble in her thighs

as arousal flows through her.

Who is this person

who writes such things.

Things that bring out of the shadows

all of her dark needs and wants.

She would never reveal

to him

of course

how one word led to two

led to

so much more.

Led to such eloquently carnal imaginings.

Never would she confess…

or would she?



Photograph taken from Pinterest


A single word


A single word

from him

left her flustered

with a blush

that spread across her cheeks

and down her slender throat

painting her

with a yearning

that she did not understand

with a longing

that she did not expect

and with a dark desire

that spoke to her

without words.



Photograph taken from Le Mie Emozioni




There was no hiding

the tremble in her body

when they met for the first time.

Those very first words

marking her 


Every fantasy she had ever had

every dark thing she dared not voice

came rushing back

flooding her mind

causing her to catch her breath

and with her sudden shyness

a blush to bloom.


Photograph taken from The Unintended Muse


Wishing He Was There


As he watches

Eyes darkening with excitement

He takes in her position before him.

The bracelet proclaiming his ownership

Her absolute nakedness.

She touches herself

Tentatively at first

Then more surely

As the fires ignite

And she falls

Into the abyss of desire

Her fingers becoming his.

He watches as the blush blooms

On her face and chest

Her arousal apparent

Knowing she is thinking of him

Wishing he was there

Photo taken from Pinterest


Alone With Her Thoughts


It is quiet but for the hiss and pop of the fire

Burning in the hearth

Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata plays in the background

She thinks of him

As she often does when her mind rests

She imagines a moment in time with him

So vivid are her thoughts

That she can feel the touch of his lips on her neck

She brings her fingers up

To trace the path they took

A faint blush stains her features

As she thinks of exactly where those lips traveled

How far

How wide

How deep

Art by Thomas Saliot

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Thoughts Of You


Floating away

On thoughts of you

Whether you are

Daubing color on an otherwise grey day

Bringing a smile to my face

Or a blush to my cheeks

Making me laugh out loud and long

My thoughts of you

Create a raft of pleasure

That buoys my days

Painting by Michael & Inessa Garmash