Siren Whispers

Siren Song


Private Dancer


A special dance

For an audience of one

The brave dancer

Her heart beating rapidly

So loud in her ears she thinks he can hear

The music begins and so must she

The first strains of guitar and bass

Ignite her excitement

Her adrenalin

Her hips start to move of their own accord

Her eyes are looking to him

Not wanting to break that contact

Wishing he was in the room

So she could see his reaction

As she gives herself to him

Her head swirls with thoughts and feelings

She pushes them aside

She loses herself in the music

Loses herself in him

The first buttons are undone

A reveal of skin and black lace

The blouse comes off

Perfectly in time to the music

As the song progresses

She finds it is easier and she relaxes into the dance

She sings to him

Her audience of one

She feels sensual


A woman knowing her body

And what it can do

Though he is not there

She senses the caress of his gaze

As he watches her intently

The last strains of the song fade away

She is left in her lingerie and heels

The black lace and stockings

A heavenly contrast with her pale skin

She smiles shyly

Proud of her accomplishment

Overcoming her fear

Her nerves

She is a novice

A neophyte

It is her first dance

He is in awe

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Her Shimmer


She was lit from within.

When she danced

She felt every note

Every beat

She shimmered and sparkled

Such was her joy

To be free

To dance

To express


That she felt

Especially when she danced

For him

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Souls Dance


New to her

This dance

Her lithe body

Moving to music

Shedding her clothes

And her inhibitions

With them

Her eyes never leaving his

For a moment

Their souls joined

A sacred moment

Dancing themselves

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Extension of the Melody


To dance

The graceful lines

The diaphanous skirts

Arms and fingers

All pointed just so

Effortless control

The music becoming

Part of every muscle

The body

An extension

Of the melody

Until they are one

“Dancer Tilting” by Edgar Degas


The Music Within Her


She feels it

Within her

From the first chord

That opening melody

The madness in music

That sets her body in motion

That fuels her passion

…That sets her soul to flight

Print by Anna Razumovskaya