Siren Whispers

Siren Song




She glided into the clearing on silent feet

Her diaphanous gown a cloud about her

Kneeling, she raised her arms skyward

In supplication

Tilting her face to the moon

She closed her eyes

In silent prayer

The moment hushed, reverent

She seemed to be performing some sacred rite

Whatever she was doing, he was enthralled

And could not look away

It seemed to be only a moment before she stood

And with deft fingers

The clasps of her gown were undone

The pure white silk surrendering to the ground 

With a sigh

He caught his breath

He knew he had never seen anything as breathtaking

She had hair that was as dark as night

Waves and curls cascading down her back

Rippling like the wind

Crowning her wayward locks was a jewelled headpiece

Metal glinting in the moonlight

The small stones sparkling with mystery

She was cast in moon glow

Pale and perfect in every way

Her nakedness sublime

His hungry gaze missed nothing

From slender neck and elegant shoulders

To proud breasts

Nipples erect in the chilled night air

Tapering to a slender waist

Atop hips and thighs as curvy as a winding road

He sighed in admiration

Naked but for the headpiece

She was his fantasy come to life

He watched as she closed her eyes and started to move

Arms gracefully extended above her head

Her hips swaying gently

She was




She seemed to be dancing to some internal music

A rhythm pulsing deep within her

She became poetry in motion

Her body as fluid as the sea

And he wanted nothing more than to sink beneath her waves

And get lost in her depths



Photograph taken by sirensong1208 in Edinburgh, Scotland; 2014.

*I saw this piece in a shop window in Edinburgh, Scotland and had the fanciful idea that it was a Druid priestess’ headpiece. It seemed quite magical at the time.




Solitary wildflower


High above the ocean

she flourishes

she blooms

a solitary wildflower

waiting for his touch.

Her colour


against the stark landscape

of rock and sea.

Swaying in the wind

caressed by sea spray

dancing to the roar

of the waves.



Photograph taken from Pinterest

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Dancing by an Ochre Moon


She danced by an ochre moon

Her naked body

Cast in a  pale glow

Arms raised

Hips swaying

The undulations in her dance

Pulling him along

And pulling him under

As if on the waves

Of the sea…

Print taken from


The First Snowfall


The first snowfall

So excited was she

That she danced around

Like a gypsy

Catching errant flakes

On her tongue

Her innocence


He was entranced

By the tableau

His snow queen

Photo taken from the internet. Original location not known. If it is yours and you wish me to remove please let me know.