Siren Whispers

Siren Song

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Bend of memory

Advancing moments steal hours

As memorable touch lingers in thought

A soft burn

That flickers

And flames

Darkness pervades

But light is caught

And kept

In the bend

Of his memory



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Can I be truly repentant

As I atone for my transgressions

If I adored each step

Into darkness

And would again embrace

With delight

Would allow myself

To savor

Once more

The sin

That is you

…Ravenous for the sin

For the darkness

For you

My hunger outstrips any need

For penance

My only need


Under your hands

Under you

My body spilling its secrets

In every sigh, gasp and moan

Expiation of sin

Was never more




Photograph taken from WhiteNoten

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Pursuing the shadows


The silence of the night

Blankets my thoughts

Allowing them to fade from the light

Pursuing the shadows

The nyctophile within

Celebrating the darkness

That sits not solely

With sky, moon, and stars

But which seeps from my soul

Out upon my paper

The ink drying

In vivid strokes

Identifying my words

As absolute

In their intent


©SirenSong1208 ~ 2017

Photograph taken from Pinterest




Hope is a luminary 

she sets alight

and frees into the night air

watching the light as it travels

following its path

believing in its brightness

finding the unexpected storm

that blows the flame out

in a single burst

casting her into darkness

leaving her to search

for that flicker

the hope that she had

a purity of faith

that would right her perspective

that would calm her soul

that would make her remember

and believe

that there is good that happens

after all



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In my Book of Life

my inner story

was so hidden

that even I did not know the tale

until one fateful day

in the voice of a stranger

one simple word

unlocked the chest

where all of my secret truths

were kept.

Pages heretofore undiscovered and unread

were illuminated.

He held the key

was in possession of a plan

a detailed journey

to plumb my unknown depths

seeking the darkness

he knew

could be found below the surface.

Giving him my trust

my ultimate surrender

not only allowed him to map my body

but gave him a glimpse

of the longitude and latitude

of my unchartered heart.



Photograph taken from Pinterest. Original provenance unknown.




Can I be truly repentant

as I atone for my transgressions

if I adored each step

into darkness

and would again embrace

with delight

would allow myself

to savour

once more

the sin

that is you

…Ravenous for the sin

for the darkness

for you.

My hunger outstrips any need

for penance

my only need


under your hands

under you

my body spilling its secrets

in every sigh, gasp and moan.

Expiation of sin

was never more



A year later, and still unrepentant.


Photograph taken from Pinterest




Thoughts of him break each morning

with the inevitability of the dawn.

Morning tremble

as she opens her eyes

feeling his words

like fingertips

stroking her bare skin.

The purposeful caress.

The delicious intent.

Innocent desire

is inflamed to darkness.

A sensual

carnal rhythm

they ride




Artwork by Aydemir Saidov, ‘Sweet Dreams’