Siren Whispers

Siren Song


Behind the glass

Behind the glass

the moon kissed the night

and I watched

with longing

for the press of his skin

against me

the feel of his mouth

upon mine

the sound of his voice

at my ear

and the heat of him within

as we became one

in this desire.


©SirenSong1208 ~ 2017

Photograph taken from Pinterest


Feel me closer

If I simply say

that I am hungry for you…

will that tell you everything?

Will it reveal how

every day

every night

my skin burns

my body yearns

for your touch

from your fingers

your lips

your tongue

for the press of you

between my thighs

for everything I know

and yet don’t know.


Feel me closer

even if only in your mind

and imagine the night closing in around me

a sensuous shroud upon my nakedness.

Envision how my skin feels your kiss in the night air

how I arch my back to receive your touch

and open my thighs

to questing fingers

that are your proxy

caressing curves

and stroking this ache

again and again.

Can you hear my breath…

short and sharp with my arousal

my mind saturated with my images of you

as I become flushed with excitement 

on the cusp of utter bliss.

The haven of my bed

witness to the desire

and longing

I have for you

the walls echoing

your name.


©SirenSong1208 ~ 2016

Photograph taken from Pinterest


Piercing me

My desire 

is as sharp as glass shards

piercing me

with longing.

With every jagged breath

I am cut anew.


©SirenSong1208 2017

Photograph taken from Tumblr

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Sheer hunger



Neither opaque

as the night

nor bold and bare

as the break of day.

Her desire

is dressed in dark

sheer hunger.

Veiled and revealed


as moon and sun converge

and one day

becomes the next.



Photograph taken from Pinterest


Banquet of sin


It started small

A hint of what was to come

A nibble here

A bite there

Decadent appetizers whetted their appetites

As they found their tastes were similar

And their desire to sate the palate of the other

Completely in sync

The ensuing dance of words became a sensual feast

That found them dining upon the thoughts of the other

With ever increasing frequency

A hunger unbound and given free reign

Became a banquet of sin

As desire was the meal served




Photograph taken from Tumblr


Craving passion’s brutality


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A lust born of two fires

desire that rages within mind, body and soul

take me to that point of no return

craving passion’s brutality

as every word

every touch

from you

leaves me on the edge

teetering on the abyss

confident that you will catch me as I fall

your arms

my waiting haven

my ultimate destruction

and that 

which I yearn for



Photograph taken from Pinterest


Darken my dreams

Darken my dreams

With thoughts that belie my innocence

Which leave me twisted

And tangled

Amid dawn’s heated sheets

Shipwrecked upon the rocks

Of desire

Shuddering with unspeakable pleasure

As I relive each dark and dangerous delight

My imagination and your touch

Has created

Within the night’s dance

With the moon



Photograph taken from the internet, original provenance unknown.