Siren Whispers

Siren Song

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Cool quiet


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The cool quiet of the night

fills with the fervour of

decadent dreams.

Desire saturates the mind

with breathless imaginings

as skin dances

with the heat of arousal.

This is the time that I wait for.

The time that I can unbutton my mind

and let my fingers follow

imagining that they are yours.

Yearning for the day

that they might be.


©SirenSong1208 ~ 2017

Photograph taken from Tumblr, unsourced


Barricade of night


Within the barricade of night

I slip into your bones

And under your skin

Embracing your soul

With my tender touch.

Your dreams

Mine to dance through

My movements

For you alone.

The seductive pull

Of soft arms

And thrusting hips

Keep me on your lips

As dawn breaks

And I am gone

Without a trace.



Photograph taken from Pinterest


Wicked notions


Thoughts become lascivious

as they linger upon you.

Unspoken desires steal into every corner,

making themselves known

absconding with all reason

and will.

When night falls and dreams take shape

and as day breaks and you are the first thought that I have,

my body still bearing the midnight touch

of sinful hands

and wicked notions.

The heat cooling upon my skin

as dawn erupts

and the hunger begins anew.


©SirenSong1208 ~ 2017

Photograph taken by SingleChair via Tumblr





Dreams are an escape.

They provide us a way to cope with a monotone life.

One we are indentured to.

One we have been imprisoned within

by ourselves, or by others.

But dreams are also a journey

a fantastical, adventurous trip.

A path to nowhere,

and everywhere.

We never know whether the line will be straight and true

toward the fulfilment of that dream

or if the way will be mired in confusion, loss, fear, anger, 

those times when the dream is lost.

I adore the dream.

The dream is a lifeboat

for when the seas are rough and we need something to cling to.

The dream

is the burning light upon the horizon

the glorious sunrise we awaken to each day

the focus that keeps our feet upon the path

that keeps our hearts strong.

The dream

is our gift

to ourselves.


©SirenSong1208 ~ 2017

Artwork taken from Tumblr

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Midnight reveries


It is when moonlight arrives

and hours are reversed

that their midnight reveries merge

and take shape.

Sleep and dreams find her

tangled amid a sea of white

her mind reaching out to him

as her fingers touch his

through the ether

dawn lightening his eyes

just as hers close

in darkness.



Photograph taken from Pinterest


Washed ashore


Broken mornings

find me washed ashore

from dreams

that leave me shipwrecked

tossed upon the rocks of my desires.

The crisp, white cotton

reduced to a tangle of heated sheets

gnarled and gripping my limbs

like seaweed.

The surf pounding my flesh




The violence of the waves

mirroring the ferocity of my emotions.

I hold my breath

and wait

for the sea

to engulf me.



Photograph taken from the internet, original provenance unknown.


Sweetest sin


Days filled with the sweetest sin

Searing touches through the hours

as their hunger for each other


The fiery flames of their passion

leaving them


for the others’ touch

Their craving to know more

to do more

overrode their caution

and they succumbed

to their forbidden desires

A flurry of messages

loaded with

wanton, sensuous intent

left them aching

and coveting

every word

Under cover of night

their fantasies were lasciviously concealed

his dreams merging with hers

lovers wrapped up in the romance

and velvet

of the night

where there were

no limits

no boundaries

and where anything

and everything

was possible



Photograph taken from Pinterest