Siren Whispers

Siren Song


My secret playground


While my body

is the place he delights in exploring

his own private garden

to get lost in

to revel in the blossoming beauty

it is his mind





that is my secret playground

the dark recesses

fascinating me

enthralling me

enticing me


and again



Artwork by Steve Hanks


This excites you…


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He said, “this excites you.”

Never a question.

Always a firm, confident statement.

He knew what made her burn.

From every word he used

to the tone of his voice

he knew what made her surrender herself


to him.

He was a master

at how to turn up the heat.

Making her hunger for him

with a ferocity

she could not control

nor did she want to…


A repost from earlier in the year. A bit out of order but I like it and something made me think of it today…


Photograph taken from Pinterest


Feel me closer


If I simply say

that I am hungry for you…

will that tell you everything?

Will it reveal how

every day

every night

my skin burns

my body yearns

for your touch

from your fingers

your lips

your tongue

for the press of you

between my thighs

for everything I know

and yet don’t know.


Feel me closer

even if only in your mind

and imagine the night closing in around me

a sensuous shroud upon my nakedness.

Envision how my skin feels your kiss in the night air

how I arch my back to receive your touch

and open my thighs

to questing fingers

that are your proxy

caressing curves

and stroking this ache

again and again.

Can you hear my breath…

short and sharp with my arousal

my mind saturated with my images of you

as I become flushed with excitement 

on the cusp of utter bliss.

The haven of my bed

witness to the desire

and longing

I have for you

the walls echoing

your name.



Photograph taken from Pinterest


Pull me in


Pull me in

bind me with my obscene desires.




wrapped around me

like a vine.

Lace me up tightly

with your sensuous thoughts.

Let me be bound

to you

yet free

and untamed.

Let the darkness I find in your words

be woven into my soul

my very being

as I answer the call

of my wild.




Photograph taken from Pinterest




Wanton purpose



It is the dead of night

the air is sultry with summer

and my memories and desires are stirring.

My mind is filled with you

your eyes

your smile

your voice

and your intent…

delicious and wicked.

My imagination is at full throttle

barreling ahead like a train.

I let it have free reign of my senses.

I know that the slightest whisper of you

makes me wet and hungry

with a yearning for you to touch me roughly

to show me the delights of pain infused pleasure

to taste my curves and lose yourself in my scent

as I become enraptured with your mesmerising touches.

My dark focus

my wanton purpose

serving you.



Photograph taken from Perfectly Persuasive



Spilling devotion


A playground for your pleasure

replete with velvety hollows

and silken niches

a wonderland of hills, valleys

and dangerous curves

that you navigate with the hands

of an explorer


My mind aflame with suggestion

as you whisper every dirty thing

you have wanted to do

since you first saw me

everything you will do

now that you have me


Burning with desire

minds swollen with fantasy

imagination at full throttle

spilling devotion across my pale skin

with pain and pleasure


You worship me hard

leaving me raw

as we become more and more

tangled with lust



Artwork taken from Pinterest. Provenance unknown.

If it is yours and you wish me to remove please let me know.



Sip slowly


Sip slowly.

Learn my taste.

Imbibe the sweet essence

of my body

and of my soul.

Become intoxicated by my flavour,

the depths tantalising your tastebuds

as you run your tongue

over your lips,

savoring every drop

and thirsting

for more.



Photograph taken from White Noten