Siren Whispers

Siren Song


The ticking of silence

The mind becomes a ticking
time bomb, silence
settling like a fog.
Questions have no answers
and the weight of every one of them
what you do have.
You cannot breathe, for the journey
your mind takes you on
a whirlwind of emotions
you run down rabbit holes
better suited to a tale of Alice
and the person you wish to be
is masked
by this temporary madness …

Published on Medium: P.S. I Love You for Poetry Sunday

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All Rights Reserved.

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Dreams fading

Dawn breaks beyond the window.

The blush of a new day

tinging the horizon with pink. 

I am swimming in the deep end 

of my silence

searching the shore for you

my dreams fading 

with each minute. 

Feeling the rush and tremble 

of my emotions

I bury my head into the pillow

wishing it were your shoulder

 and the cool sheets against my skin

were the warm press

of your body. 

Aching with longing

another day begins.



Photograph taken from Pinterest


The Struggle





They leave us

Mangled within

As we struggle

To get free

And so we write

My fingertips are bloody

Scratching out

Thoughts and feelings

Onto the paper before me

My freedom

Written in blood, sweat and tears

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Rain Dance


She took great pleasure in the rain

Head back

Arms wide

She felt alive

With every raindrop that fell

Upon her

Making her skin tingle

And her senses come alive

Her soul lifted in joy

And she just danced

Lost in the moment

In abandon


Of who was watching

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You are the Poem


You are the poem

Whose metre is in time

To my beating heart

Each word

A tendril

That wraps itself around me

Binding me close

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The darkening sun


The darkening sun

In the shadow of the moon

Rising and falling


Like the ocean’s tides

Their ebb and flow

Like feelings

Seeming distant one moment

And then arriving in

A rush of remembrance

The next

Photograph taken by sirensong1208


As Fluid As The Sea


She is as fluid

As the sea

Calm when there are no storms

Restless when the wind picks up

And movement is needed

And at times stormy

When she has been burdened

She ebbs out to the horizon

But like all sea water

She always makes it back

To shore

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A Heavy Soaking Rain


She hears the thunder

In the distance

Wind whipping through the trees

A storm, nearly upon her

The thick, fat raindrops

Already starting to drench her

As the prelude to a heavy, soaking rain

A rain she is hoping will wash away

The frustrations of the week

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Drips onto the Page


The rain

Drip, drip, drips

From leaf to leaf

In much the same way

My thoughts and feelings

Drip onto the page

Before me…

Photo by sirensong1208