Siren Whispers

Siren Song




Bind me to you

Tie me up

Tease me

Make me

Come undone

Give me an encore

Because you know

We aren’t done


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Private Dancer


A special dance

For an audience of one

The brave dancer

Her heart beating rapidly

So loud in her ears she thinks he can hear

The music begins and so must she

The first strains of guitar and bass

Ignite her excitement

Her adrenalin

Her hips start to move of their own accord

Her eyes are looking to him

Not wanting to break that contact

Wishing he was in the room

So she could see his reaction

As she gives herself to him

Her head swirls with thoughts and feelings

She pushes them aside

She loses herself in the music

Loses herself in him

The first buttons are undone

A reveal of skin and black lace

The blouse comes off

Perfectly in time to the music

As the song progresses

She finds it is easier and she relaxes into the dance

She sings to him

Her audience of one

She feels sensual


A woman knowing her body

And what it can do

Though he is not there

She senses the caress of his gaze

As he watches her intently

The last strains of the song fade away

She is left in her lingerie and heels

The black lace and stockings

A heavenly contrast with her pale skin

She smiles shyly

Proud of her accomplishment

Overcoming her fear

Her nerves

She is a novice

A neophyte

It is her first dance

He is in awe

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Her Blue Period


The picture shows her

The dark blue lace

Cupping the fullness of her breasts

Just hinting at what is beneath

But that which he has studied intently

And knows as well as she

His fingers itching to follow

The scalloped curve

And nestle in the hollow between

His eyes follow her 

Creamy, pale skin


To the scrap of dark blue

Edged in lace

Certain of the heaven

He would find beneath

Wanting to unwrap her gift

Wanting to touch

To taste

To know her


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The Sins You Commit


The sins that you commit

Upon my body





That you make me yours

Have made me desperate

To seek pleasure

With you

Again and again

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A New Year


A new year


The stroke of midnight

The promise in a kiss

After the bells and whistles

Fireworks and champagne toasts

They are finally alone

He takes her hand and leads her to the room he has taken

He has waited all night for this

From the moment he saw her

He bided his time

Wanting her

The walk to the room seems endless

To her

She can feel the warmth and strength in his hand

And can imagine this strength and warmth elsewhere




He closes and locks the door

She is standing in the center of the room


He steps back and takes the vision of her in

The silky dark curls falling over her shoulders

Blue grey eyes reflecting the desire in his own

And lips that beckon to him in deepest scarlet

The blue lace of her dress hugs her figure


With capped sleeves and square neckline

It shows off her elegant neck and her perfect skin

The dress comes to just above her knees and her thighs are encased

In black stockings

He knows she is wearing stockings and garters

When they danced he could feel the line of the strap along her thigh

It kept his mind occupied

Imagining his fingers gliding along it until he found…

Other treasures

Her heels are high and hug her feet lovingly

He knows he will have her keep those on

He moves closer

As he walks around her

He looks at her from all angles

He touches her hair

Lifting it up off of her neck

Breathing deeply of her scent

Running his nose along her neck

He pulls her to him and runs his hands along her bare arms

Feeling the softness of her skin

His hands along her breasts and hips

Enjoying the feel of her curves

Not too much

Just right

His hands settle on her hips and pull her against him

Her back to his front

She can feel his arousal

This brings a greater flush to her cheeks

She tilts her head to give him more access to her neck

She sighs and melts into him

He unbuttons the top button on the back of her dress

The cutout of lace shows a tantalizing amount of skin

Planting a kiss there

He smooths aside the sleeves of the dress

Taking the zipper between thumb and forefinger he pulls

The zipper slides easily down


She feels the material give way

This signals something deep inside her

Her mind is racing with all that she thinks might happen

All that she wants to happen

She feels as if she is outside of her own body

That it is not her own

The zipper reaches its end

She sighs

And the dress pools at her feet

He walks around to the front of her

Black lace strapless bra

Barely there black lace knickers

And a garter belt to hold up the lace top stockings

He smiles

He steps to the front of her and looks deeply into her eyes

The question he asks with his eyes

Is answered by hers

She smiles and looks at him from under her lashes

With both hands he touches her face

Pulls her to him and kisses her

Soft, probing kisses

A tangle of tongues

As they both become more aroused

Her arms go around him

To get closer to him

To become part of him

A soft kiss or two suspends the passion

He looks at her again and turns toward the bedroom

He holds out his hand


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Souls Dance


New to her

This dance

Her lithe body

Moving to music

Shedding her clothes

And her inhibitions

With them

Her eyes never leaving his

For a moment

Their souls joined

A sacred moment

Dancing themselves

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The Grip of His Knowledge


She was in the grip of his knowledge

From the start

It took her by surprise

This pull he had on her

But it was more…

Unexpectedly she had found herself

With him

Identified blazing need

Heretofore undiscovered

As days became months 

She found herself soaking up what he was teaching

Like a sponge

Never getting enough

He fed her need to please 

To do for him

The careful attention to every detail

To every molecule of her being

His knowledge of her

Helped her to know


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Her Sleeping Form


Gazing upon her sleeping form

The honeyed light

Illuminating her perfect skin

He couldn’t help but reach out

To stroke

The long length

Of her back

Setting his hand 

On her hip

Causing her to sigh

And lean into him

Their bodies pressed together

As one

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Through Your Eyes


Your words

The ones that make me

Sigh and tremble

Burn and ache

Are also the ones

That helped me to see myself

Through your eyes

Through them I saw

The woman

The goddess

Hidden within

Needing to be freed

From the chains of convention

Needing to be allowed

To embrace

My natural sensuality

The woman finally at home

In her own skin

And loving it

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