Siren Whispers

Siren Song




He sees her.

She is in repose.

She is all dark hair, sculpted cheekbones and elegant neck.

All of this and those breathtaking curves he adores.

He watches the rise and fall of her breasts, wanting to wake her yet wanting to devour her with his eyes.

She is a wild beauty captured by him, but untamed.

Her body is gilded with gossamer threads making her appear to be a fairy tale princess awaiting he who will awaken her to everything.

Her curves are draped in delicate netting, sheer but for the embroidered flowers their edges caressing the swell of her breasts.

He sighs in appreciation at the vision she presents.

His hungry gaze following the cut of the gown as it flares to show the satiny expanse of her bare belly before resting upon the silken triangle he is sure is his gateway to paradise.

He aches to plant a kiss along that delectable curve, the hollow of her navel, his lips following a sinful path to the most intimate part of her.

He breathes her in, closing his eyes, memorising her scent; his body anticipating her taste, knowing it will be burned into his mind, his senses, forever.

Wondering to himself, who has awakened who…



Photograph by sirensong1208