Siren Whispers

Siren Song


A Winter Wonderland








The snow came in great gusts

Ten inches, twelve, twenty four

Creating a purified landscape

Virginal in appearance

The wind creating immense snow drifts

It was beautiful as it fell

So soft and delicate

Each snowflake kissing my face

Like a lover


In its first pure day

Nestles atop tree branches

Creating a striking picture post card

Of a perfect winter scene

This is possibly my favorite part of snow

How it delineates the beauty in the curve of a bare limb

The brown of the branches juxtaposed with the stark white

Of the new fallen snow

Looking upward through the maze of branches

To gaze upon the winter sky

Pearlescent grey

No sun to be found

A hint that there was much more to come

That Mother Nature was not yet finished

The garden in winter is a pleasure to behold

The snow revealing everything

Suddenly trees and shrubbery

Comfortable in their hibernation

Are given substance

The snow taking the place of leaves 

Apples that should have long since fallen

Hang desperately to branches

Now, with a generous dollop of the white stuff

Looking suspiciously like ice cream 

The lonely swing

Echoes of summer fading fast

Finally given the weight of a presence

I can almost picture it

Moving to and fro

Snowy legs kicking back and forth


The garden was in hibernation

For the winter

But with this snow…

It has roared back to life

Photos taken by sirensong1208

February 2015