Siren Whispers

Siren Song


Unravel me

unravel me


fingers plucking edges


unbind my senses


this carefully crafted façade

peeled back

unafraid and curious

the layers beneath, capturing

attention, care taken

as though restoring art

every layer


closer, the hidden

he knows will surpass

what has been



Copyright ©SirenSong1208

All rights reserved.

Photograph taken from Pinterest, unsourced.




She has become someone else.

Unlike the girl she had always been. 

The one everyone knew.

When the camera is upon her

it is not the lens which watches

which captures her essence

it is his eyes.

Never missing a thing

caressing every curvaceous inch.

his pulse becoming more rapid

as each frame reveals

just a bit more of her.

She is relaxed, excited, aroused.

The morning light

streams through her window

kissing her skin with warmth.

Imagining him there

a touch away

she loses herself to fantasy

arching her back

her sweet breasts thrust out

nipples straining for his touch.

Her body is languid with desire

her yearning palpable

over the miles. 

He pushes her boundaries

watching them crumble

one by one

taking intense delight

in plumbing the depths

of her hidden sensuality.

Finding exquisite pleasure

in her

with her.



Artwork by Eric Wallis




What is hidden?

There is the public face and the private one. 

Those parts of ourselves that we share


The pieces that don’t raise eyebrows

or cause fingers to be pointed.

The safe pieces.

The ones that grant us acceptance

in the world we inhabit.

And then there are the pieces that we keep hidden

sometimes even from ourselves.

Those that cause us the most confusion and consternation.

How can we describe them

explain them to others

if we cannot do so to ourselves…

It is often only when those parts

we have so cleverly hidden

have been recognised by another

that we begin to understand our own depth

we accept the journey that we are on

and we embrace our future.



Artwork by Casey Baugh